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5-10 min more I wuld reach home. I was staring at him for what reason even I don't know. His eyes were completely focused on the road and all of a sudden he turned his head towards me and our eyes met. For few seconds we were just like that and I just turned my head of. His eyes were so deep and hypnotising. For few more secods I was just staring the window beside me. I didn't at all like this awkward silence. He stopped the car ....Oh finallI reached home. I just openned my door and got out , then turned toward him and said thanks and bye with a cheerful smile. He smiled back and nodded. The smile suited him and definitely it comforted me. I still didn't FORGIVE him.

I went home and switched on the lights and just layed on the couch......beieve me it was soo relaxing. All that flashed was his eyes and his smile. He wasn't that bad as I thought so. Another voice just rebelled saying did you forget the torture. Ding! Dong! I openned the door it was my pizza... I payed him and took the pizza.I quickly got fresh and sat on the couch with my pizza and switched on the T.V. I just enjoyed every bite of the tasty pizza.

The letters on the floor caught my eye. I was too lazy to get up and take it so I just stretched my arms to it. I grabbed all the three letters on the floor into my hand.I started checking out all of them one was from the bank, another was a bill and the Third was a pamplette but not exactly one. The words written on it surprised me.. All it said was 


IF YES write a letter back to me to this address silly@*********

Hmmmm............ I was confused I was just wondering should I mail him back or not. Another thing was that was it a prank or something. 

I just decided to mail him back by creating a fake id.. I felt atleast this will be something interesting inmy boring life. By boring life I meant I didn't have any to speak extesively sharing all my thoughts and feelings. 

So, I opened my Mac and firstly created a fake id agcjt@*****

Okay I get it. it doesn't make sense....but its ok as its FAKE. I started typing....................

A/N dear readers I just hope u aren't bored reading this.................

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