Finally it was the day me and the editor were going to the hotel near to the event taking place in a convention. Mr.Heartless was coming to pick me up and we were going there by his car. It's just an hour or so to reach there. After knowing that I like him I was hesistant to meet him again.        

I started packing my bag whn I got his message saying that he'll be there in an hour to pick me up. The event was only for one day and we were going two days before to check locations etc... The other staff will be coming one day before the event. I agree everything is a little complicated but Iknew everything would be fine.

It was almost an hour by the time I finished getting ready and packing my bag. I called Dylan and said I'm leaving in few minutes... he replied saying go for it and enjoy.. he was laughing on the other end of the line.. It didn't hurt me at all I said okay and cut the call. 

I went down with the luggage  bag and my backpack as I got his message saying come down as soon as possible. I went down and figured out his car. The security said he would put the luggage in so I just went forward and sat. I turned back and kept my backpack which had the Camera and other important papers and my mac in the back seat carefully. This was also too heavy. By the way in the backseat his backpack was also there.

He started the engine and drove off...his driving skills are fab. I was damn bored I guess it was more than half- an-hour we didn't speak. I took out my phone for some time pass.

He raised the car speed and this really scared me to death the way he was overtaking every car. It was as if we were in a game. I couldn't tolerate it any more so I just said "I hope this speed doesn't kill me." It was loud and this made him chuckle. He replied saying I don't want kill myself. This was infact a clever reply.

I replied saying trust me if you drive with this speed we'll be dead. He just raised his brow and turned his head towards me and said ya right,so funny! and winked and continued looking at him. My reflex action was quicker then ever before. I turned his face towards the road and said keep your eyes there. He stopped the car suddenly and I fell forwrd......I just looked at him said are you mad. He got out of the car and came towards my door. I was confused as never before...

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