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Dear Whom so ever you are,

I'm intrested to be ur pen pal. Hope ur happy with these words. As of on now its starting here but I really don't know where will it end. 

So I'm ready to share everything with u with an agreement which is we'll never reveal our true identity....atleast until we are really close.

I really wanted this to happen some unknown entity whom I can share everything in my life.

Yours friendly

pen pal

I sent it. I agree it was a little too much but I just wrote what my heart wanted to.I wanted a reply soon. Constantly I was just thinking what will he reply. I saw the time it said 11:30.... ijust closed my mac and went  on to my bed.

It was weird I wanted to sleep but I couldnt as my mind wasn't ready to stop thinking about the things happened today. In one day my life took a new route. Till now in life I mostly shared things with my sis who stay in Canada with her husband. Since the time she got married I was left alone. She's still in touch and keeps asking me, my where abouts. But, our relationship isn't the same it was.

My thoughts went back to the unknown person....I was just trying to imagine him...

Don't know when I slept but woke with the alarm sound at the right time. Thank goodness.... I was so refreshed  as I woke up on time I decided to go for a walk by the park. Within 5min I was in my tracks and wearing my sneakers.

The weather out was perfect...it was chilling. I heard my Name loud Tia.... it was Dyan my neighbour. He joined me for a walk ....actually we decided on jogging.

You must be wondering Y I said I don't have any friends and these many people are known to me. I meant I don't have that best buddy or any Mr. Right in my life.

We spoke many things about life,work and what not while jogging. Dyan was a great guy to hangout and he's charming too. But he's too possessive about things and I don't like that. He works in a law firm and lives his life in his way.

By now I was sweating ...so just made up my mind to take a shower. I said bye and he replied so and added meet u tomorrow with a wink. I said hopefully , if I wake up with a smile.

I went straight into the bathroom after going home and took a nyc shower. I wore Black Denims and a light blue full-sleeve shirt and took my overcoat with me to the dining table outside. I went to the kitchen took out the strawberry milkshake from the fridge and made bacon and eggs for breakfast. I had my breakfast with reading a newspaper. I felt happy when I saw my article  and the pic in it. Oh! ur right it's the same article I submitted to the editor in the morning. He published it as it is that obviously meant it was perfect. I felt proud.

Everything was just perfectly going on... and I remembered the thing about pen pal. I quickly took out my phone and checked for his mail.

Yes *cheered up* its there. I openned the mail quickly and went through it and guess what there was a huge smile on my face at the end of it...................what was written was:

A/N Have to wait For reading .........I'll update as soon as possible. 

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