He opened my car door and asked me to come out .. I asked him y but he refused and put his hand forward so I gave him my hand and got out. He gave me the car keys and asked me to drive. He came forward and said it was a challenge on how speed I'll drive. I said fine and grabbed the keys. I almost went to the driver's seat that I heard his voice saying I want to reach there on time and he was smiling. I said let's see and sat on my seat. I started the car and started driving . I was on normal speed and he was guiding me the way to the Hotel. Finally we reached on time. He said good that I drove quickly.

We went to take our luggage from behind and I was struggling to take out my bag as it was heavy. By this time he went away taking his luggage and didn't even look at me. I was wrong he came back for me and while taking out my bag he said you can't even pick up this bag. I said ya because my hand didn't have that much strength. He said very funny......and I frowned.

Immediately he looked into my eyes and said sorry. I said never mind ...and we checked into our rooms. He said if I needed any help I could call him. Everything about him was soo good. The way he spoke to me and cared for me............ was making me so happy. yes I realized I was in love with him. I really wanted to tell him and by now we were familiar with each other too.

The only thing that was stopping me from telling him was my fear of getting rejected. I wanted support so I called my sister and told her everything. She was happy for me as expected. She told me to tell my feelings to him as soon as possible so that I don't loose him. I agreed and told her that I would call her back after telling him. I felt so nyc after telling her...and I also to. He suggested the same thing so I decided to tell him but, didn't know how.

The whole day we worked seriously with many conferences with people. But everything was done by evening. So James went to relax in his room. Meanwhile I went for shopping with a great plan.

After an hour I came back from shopping. I gave a bag to a waiter and asked him to give in James room. In that bag there was a light blue shirt and a letter. The letter said:

Dear James,

I want u to wear this shirt and come to eiffel tower. You'll find me there. Please come I'm waiting to confess something. You'll spot me in the same coloured shirt.

yours, Tia

By the time the bag would reach him I went to the beutiful Eiffel Tower. As I told u it was really close to our Hotel. I was too nervous and was just wishing for him to come. This moment I understood what falling in love means.

I was right in front of the Eiffel Tower staring at its beauty. I was completely lost in it . My eyes weren't enough to see it. Suddenly there was someone who kept their hand around my hip and holding my hand in his other hand. I looked up to him our eyes met and they communicated our inner thoughts. Both of us just stood like that and were looking at the Eiffel Tower infront of us. Love was in the air.

He came closer to my ear and said " Want to become Tia Dornan?" Listening to this I just turned towards him said yes as loud as I could ,hugging him tightly showing him all my love and affection. He did the same thing. we cuddled for so much time...................................... FALLING IN LOVE was so amazing....!

The event was covered wonderfully and we both enjoyed a lot. This was the best phase of my life. Both my sister and Dyan were happy for me...........

James and me loved each other Infinitely for ever after.......!!!

A/N Hope you liked my short story. Surely ur heart will now when ur FALLING IN LOVE so just trust and follow it..................

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