Dear the one who thinks whom so ever I'm!
Thanx for accepting my pen pal request........I'm glad. I'm as happy as u are for getting a friend with whom I can share all my things.
I'm a 26yr old guy and I run my own office. There's no one in my family who supports me..... My parents are separated so I didn't choose to live with anyone. I earn my own livelihood.
In the next letter I want to u to write about ur self and ur work.
By the way I'm handsome ............ Can checkout......! Just kidding I agree to your agreement we'll keep our identity as a secret as far as u want me to.
It's hard for me to write something with out knowing ur name so let me give you a name.........
ANGEL.......... tht is because u choose to be with me whn ther's know one!
Hope ur happy wid ur name ........agreed its a little cheesy...
Hey you can give me name too or I'll give myself one :p
Will wait for your reply..........
Whom so ever!

So the angel stuff brought a bright smile on my face. He's just to sweet and cute.......maybe handsome too as he said...
I just realized I was getting late for office. I got up and headed towards the taxi. I decided to reply him back in the office when I'm free. Thinking about office the first thing that came into my mind was Mr.Heartless. Heaven should know what will happen today in Office.

Looking at the time I got to know it was 12:30. So, I started writing a reply for him ...the thing that I was thinking about was what name to give him. After my thoughts struggling with one another ....Yippee I decided.....!

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