I completed work and returned home. After bathing and taking a break...I sent  Mr.whomsoever a mail saying that I want to meet him and get to know him better. Can we meet up for dinner tonight in ******* restraunt?

I was watching T.V and one hour just passed away so I checked my phone and I got his mail saying yes! we'll hangout. I sprang out of theh couch and started getting ready. I just wor Black Denims and a fluoroscent yellow top and left my hair as I love it. 

We Booke table 10 in that restaurant so that's how we were going to identify eachother. Our plan was to reach there by 8:30 p.m .............. I got out the house and took a taxi.

I was too nervous at the same time excited to meet him. Oh my gosh! I reached I was standing in front of the restraunt .... I was thinking about goin in or not. Just took some guts and headed forward to the entrance. 

I went in and there the receptionist asked me May I help you?

i replied yes table no. 10

She said fine and someone's waiting for you . She guided my way to the table.

I saw the table 10 and him ......he was facing to the otherside.... 

I thanked the receptionist and moved forward to the table.

I saw him sitting down with his head bending down focusing on somethning... he was manly .......

My heart started beating hard the moment I was one step away from the table....

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