I was beside him and said hey as loud as only he could hear. He looked up and I was taken back. I moved a step back with disappointment. He stood up and asked me to calm down and take my seat.

I sat down and said Dyan explain me all this crap you did ....with a frustrating tone. He said he did this for me. Before I said anything the waiter interrupted me by asking to place an order. Forcefully we placed random stuff ..couldn't help it and it was obvious that he's gonna pay the bill for me.

I continued to ask him to be clear. He said he read a torn page probably from my diary which said I wanted a  dear friend atleast if not a person to fall in love. Tears started falling from my eyes..... he was right ...probably he read this sometime when he came to my house. I tore this page from my Diary and crumpled it and threw it way in my room as I was so frustrated and lonely that day.

Dyan gave me a tissue saying its fine. I took it by nodding my head. I controlled myself and told him thank you soo much for being there for me. He smiled back and said I reallly care for you and nothing more. This made me laugh. We had dinner happily speaking to each other as ever before but we were best buddies now. He raised a topic by saying ur in love with Mr.Heartless. I raised my brow and gave weird look to him. He said tht's true... and ur not realizing it. I said it's enough looking down to my ice-cream. We payed .....okay! he payed and we came out ..he was going to drop me home.

After Sitting in the car I asked him why did he say so? He said that the way always I speak and think about him indicated that I'm in love with him. I asked him was it love? He said it might be a infatuation too. I really told him that I wanted to figure out all of this. He said sure and agreed to help me. He was actually making sense.

I told him that Mr. Heartless makes me feel different and  I admire him and definitely like him being around or with me. Dyan said that the best time to know about your feelings for him was in the event you were gonna cover.

I returned home and was lying on my bed thinking about Mr. Heartless and questioning myself was I finally FALLING IN LOVE ?

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