Dear whomsoever

Yes, Mr. that's ur name actually, u played an important role for me to choose...that name. In the previous thing u wrote to me in the end u said "whomsoever" Hope u like ur name.

Coming to me I'm a girl of 23yr old who has acheived her passions. I'm a journalist who writes articles and clicks pictures. I'm really happy with my job..... and yes I'm single.

I would like to know about your personal life........

Yours Angel

Yes I really like that name.........

I clicked send...with in no time I got an e-mail oh it was fromthe edito. I wondered what was it I openned it and started reading.The mail was about the meeting with editor fter lunch. I guess its something important.... I saw himin the cabin he was prettyy busy and tensed.. Okay whatever why do I care.

I carried on and went for lunch with Clara. The topic in the cafe was completely about the meeting... the first meeting with this editor. I had no clue y others were hyper for this meeting...It was just an every other meeting for me. But, yes I wanted to know how Mr. Heartless will address all of us.

We finished our lunch and headed to the Conference room. We seated and he didn't arrive yet. After a few minutes he came and said Good Afternoon everyone with a energetic and cool voice.  He said we got a new oppurtunity to cover a fashion event in Paris. We had to make a magazine. I was pretty excited duh! we are gonna cover the biggest fashion event in Paris where there will be many stars.

Thes words went in to my heart but my focus was somewhere elz not on the presentation. My focus was on how Mr.Heartless moved his hands and his eyes. His bodylanguage was great.

He suddenly said Ms.Tia Stilton..... my mouth was open and eyes wideglaring .... I didn't look at him. He came towards me................... I stood up.............. to my surprise he asked me to be seated....

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