Hey guys! Wow, I never thought I'd be posting another chapter here again. *cue the feels--wait nevermind, that's just me ahaha*

And I know I told you guys that I won't be writing a sequel or prequel or any other quel for North or Leo or One Missed Call in general and.....

I'm actually sticking to that. I'm sorry ✌️.

The reason why I dropped by here today is because I wanted to announce something. A few weeks ago I got a message in my inbox from Wattpad and.... I got in the Wattys.

*cue the dancing and squealing and flailing of arms--wait... Likely just me again haha*

Anyways, yeah, WHOA. The sacred Wattys. Believe me when I say I never dreamed One Missed Call would ever reach this far and all the other likes I've already said in my Author's Note that I still mean until this day. You guys never cease to surprise me, with the votes and the hilarious comments (I read every one of them *wink*) and just.... Everything.

I'll never be able to say enough thanks but in vain I say again, THANK YOU.

If you wanna check out the Watty Awards where One Missed Call is in the Filipino Wattys under the award called "TNT Ka-Tropa Favorite: Finalists": http://wattys.wattpad.com/2015/ph/

Now I'm not sure I won the thing, what I'm sure is that I was contacted by Wattpad to announce that I was one of the ten finalists. I'm not sure that I won because the page only shows all of the finalists and their books, not the singular winner--but either way, my heart and full thanks are with you readers and supporters.

And lastly, due to some recent events of plagiarism by a certain user here in Wattpad, I just want to remind everyone that plagiarizing One Missed Call is illegal. It is a violation of copyrights and my rights and my hard work to write all of this and of course, the rules of Wattpad. So do not copy my work or any other person's work. Plagiarism is spitting on the face of literature and on the face of the hard-working authors.
And be cautious, us authors, we will take any... "actions" if ever you don't get the hint and go ahead and plagiarize anyways. It may seem like we are only armed with words but you don't wanna face our wrath.

You've been warned.

(Oh and if you're confused with the comments on this chapter, this is because this is an old chapter that got drafted after I revised and shortened the book. Re-use, reduce, recycle? Ahe...)

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