an hour had past and north found herself surrounded by her siblings and the friends she loved the most--except for leo, she noticed. she wondered where he was and why he wasn't there.

"oh my god, are you really really real?"

"of course she's real, nitwit but she sure as shit won't appreciate you poking her."

"well sooorry, who died and made you the king?"

"well--north did actually to be literal but let's not stray from the topic!"

ben and rita quit their bickering, that was actually rather amusing to watch, and all attention was turned back to north.

"so tell us, what was it like..." that was nathan.

"being dead?" north chuckled even if saying out loud or even thinking about it gave her the chills. it was so--just incredibly weird--was the word. weird how you're body could die and just stop functioning, that you could stop being a person for a full 10 minutes before being alive again. "well if you're asking if i witnessed what heaven or hell was like, depending on which place i belong to, i wouldn't know. it was just dark."

she didn't want to explain her experience with the little boy, whom she didn't even know who or what he was. there's just some things that were best left unsaid--

--and that reminded her.

"hey, where's leo?"

they all looked at one another with expressions she could only place as worry. finally, nathan put her anxiety to rest. "well, after know, he ran out of the room and i bumped into him in the hall and he said he just couldn't take being in the same place as your dead body. so he said he was just going to go home and try to get a chance to sleep his way out of the tragedy."

north frowned at all of them, "you really believe that shit?"

and now that they thought of it, they didn't. not one bit.

"crap." rita muttered "where could he be?"

"i think we should be hoping he isn't doing or hasn't done anything drastic." kale piped up. he hadn't spoken the whole time and maybe it was just because of the guilt he felt since it was his girlfriend after all that caused his sister's 10-minute death. but north hoped he knew deep down that she didn't blame him.

north closed her eyes and tried to think of where she go if leo ever died. the thought was horrible and she never wanted to think of that scenario again but she did however gain a sense of thought of where he might've gone. "i'll need to borrow someone's car."

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