north found herself sitting in a really dark room. even if she held out her hand right in front of her eyes, she could not see its outline.

so she sat and waited.
she counted the seconds and minutes and hours in the dark before something finally happened.

a child sat in front of her. she didn't know how she could see the kid since the rest of the room was still pitch black.

"who're you?"

"i'm here to take you with me, if you'd like." the child had a soothingly calm voice.

"take me where?"

"you already know where. you've wanted to go for so long."

north pursed her lips, "i did. but things are getting better, now i'm not so sure if i wanna go anymore."

the child titled his head, "are you sure it's going to stay better?"

"yes. well i mean no. i can't guarantee that it will but isn't that life? there's ups and there's downs but it's never going to stay good yet it's also never going to stay bad."

"if that's what you believe." the child began to stand up.

"yes... it is. it's just taken me a while to realize it."

the child folded his little hands in front of him, "so you're going to stay in this world that's so dark?"

north looked around, it was still pitch black. "yes. because i believe if i want things to get better, i'm going to have to stand up--" she stood up,"--and turn on the lights myself."

as she finished her sentence, the room suddenly burst with light and she found herself standing in a hospital room.

the child grinned a little, "then i guess i'll go on my journey alone."

"i guess you will."

the child turned on his back and walked straight into the white wall but didn't crash, he just disappeared into it.

the room suddenly began to grow brighter and brighter until everything was just a blinding white.

that's when she blinked awake and was back amongst the living.

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