her scream cut through the rain like a sharp knife.

his head glanced at her way and even from there, even from the rain pouring down on them like a waterfall now, she could see his tears.

him crying.

and so she ran to him, not worrying if she could suddenly slip and fall off the 10 story tower.

she grabbed his hands, afraid that he could just fall any minute.

"leo, oh my god, leo." she sobbed into the back of his shoulder.

"north," he whispered.

"i'm here, i'm here. i swear i am here." she kept sobbing.

"but i've been talking to you all this time." he looked back down. down at the bottom of the tower. "you're just another voice in my head."

"i know about voices in your head. i know about your animal instincts doing everything to stop you from dying. i know how hard it is to believe it but please. trust me when i say i'm here."

he gave her a tired look. a look she knew all too well whenever she looked into the mirror and was tired of seeing such an ugly, disgraceful waste of space. the look she had whenever she was tired of having to deal with mellany's shit. the look she had whenever she was tired of hearing her parents fight. the look of defeat.

"then prove it." he said.

for a moment she thought really hard.

how could i prove it? how could i save him? what little step could i make to change all of this? he wouldn't believe anything i do physically or what i say...

then it clicked. she would do what he did.

so she called him.


then his look of defeat was replaced with utter relief and gratitude and the happiest look she had ever seen on anyone. though north couldn't quite look at him very long because at that moment he kissed the hell out of her.

and it was all good riddance for the rain had also passed.

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