she blinks.

she's at the backseat of a car. leo is in front driving and nathan is sitting beside him. her sister is sleeping soundly on the seat beside her.

for a moment leo looks at the back, at her and says something like, "hang on north, you're going to be alright. we're almost there." but she can't be sure. everything is too foggy and numb.

she blinks again.

she's on a moving bed, staring at a white ceiling and occasionally blinding lights. she can hear voices all around her as well as unfamiliar faces.

"i need her blood pressure, now!"

"get out of the way!"

"give me the oxygen mask!"

they all seem to be shouting but it all sounds like a distant whisper.

she blinks once more.

she's in a dark room but there's one light right above her. then a face appears but she can only see a blue mask wrapped around it.

"this is going to hurt,"

the last thing she sees is a needle and a lot of liquid red before she finally blacks out from the world.

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