she placed her hand on one of the metal rods connected to the tower's ladder and stared up.

it was as high and mighty as it always was.

funny, she thought. the last time she was up here, it was the last meeting she had with nathan before he had disappeared and "died".

and now she was hoping she could see yet another boy she loved one last time.

she placed her other hand on a higher rod and began to climb.

higher and higher she went. every time she pulled herself up, her muscles ached. it was understandable, she did just have one hell of a day.

wind began blowing at her strongly and a couple times she was so blown back so forcefully that she nearly let go of the ladder.


"shit!" she cursed, the sudden sound surprising her.

she tried letting go of one of her hands to answer the phone but once her left hand let go, her right hand would begin to shake violently in severe soreness.

she wouldn't be taking any calls up there.

"this is north jones. not south jones but north. leave a message after the beep."


she stopped dead.

it was his voice. she knew it too well.

that meant he was still alive!

relief surged through her and she gave a happy cry.

"i know you're never gonna pick up again. i know when i text you at 3:33 am i wont be expecting a reply. i know that i'll never see you at school again, looking like you're so damned tired and me feeling like i'm useless because i'm too scared to approach you. i know i'll never see your silhouette falling apart on your bedroom floor whenever i sleepover at oliver's house. i know it's hopeless to dream of a time where we're friends again where i make you laugh and i could hear you talk about your day and then one night i could muster up the courage to kiss the hell out of you if you allowed me. it's hopeless because you're gone. because i know your smiles will just remain in pictures now and that sooner or later the light in them will go out just as your heart has stopped beating--"

he stopped and gave a sob and with that her heart broke for him.

"--and i know that i will miss you." he was talking in between crying now, "but maybe... you know, maybe i don't have to miss you. maybe i'll see you soon, jones. i love you and i say it because it's just right with you and that's where i'll be heading."

the voicemail ended and it took north five seconds to realize that she better get moving faster because there was a chance that he was right about to depart for a place where she was not at.

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