he runs until his legs burn.

he runs until his feet ache.

he runs until there are slashes and cuts on his face from hanging sharp branches.

he runs until it begins to rain.

and at last, he reaches a cave and lake.

and her body is lying limp in the mud, red blotching her shirt on the left side of her body.

"north," he falls to his knees beside her and she blinks at him.

"leo." she says in a whisper.

"what happened?"

she chuckles, not noticing the depth of the situation at hand or she does but chooses not to care. "i have a knack for getting myself into shitty situations."

he brushes a strand of hair from her face, "i'm going to carry you and it may hurt. is it alright?"

she nods faintly, looking the other way to stare at the lake as he gently lifts her whole being off of the ground and begins walking.

"i always wanted to sweep you off your feet but i would've chose not to if i had to trade it in for you being shot."

she smiles lightly, "well, you get one thing and another follows. it's not always gonna be good."

"not always are the key words."

she tilts her head, "this is peaceful."

"you're bleeding."

she shakes her head, "besides that. the forest is always peaceful and so is the rain and so are you."

"it's only cause you're here." he grins down at her and she shakes her head but with a smile, the numbness of the peace temporarily numbing the killing pain in her side.

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