the fallen crispy leaves crunch beneath her shoes until she stops when she nears a lake and cave.

"i'm not surprised to find you here, mellany." north surprises the girl standing several meters ahead of her.

"north," she spits as if the name was scum but north notices mellany has been crying from the droplets streaming down her face and smudged mascara, "what're you doing here?"

"i wanted to find out what you buried."

she cackles, "you think i'm going to tell you? to let you see? see that's the problem with you. you put yourself in a fucking pedestal because you think you're fragile so everyone has to make you feel better by doing whatever you want them to do. well you can fool that retard leo, you can fool your screwed up family, you can fool the whole school for all i care and you can even manage to fool my brother who's been crushing on you since he was a kid--but you can't fool me."

she pulls out a gun.

north stares at it cautiously "mellany... just calm down."

"no!" she screams, "i-i know how to use this. it's my u-uncle's and he taught me h-how to use it. he's the head of the police. h-he can make screw ups—like you—vanish in a heartbeat. i'm not the bratty queen bitch everyone thinks i am. i actually have purpose, unlike you." her voice drops to a whisper, "i... i actually did something about my problems."

"mellany... what did you do?"

her hands shakes, "i..." she's so lost but she manages to say it out loud, "i killed him."

north's eyes glance at the freshly dug out box sitting by the lake, "nathan's father."

"you don't know what he did. you don't know h-how horrible it was." mellany whispers, her arm jerking and body trembling from her furious sobbing. "i had to do it. so now everyone is at peace. now my family can be whole and okay again."

"mellany i'm sorry—"

"shut up! i don't need any sorry f-from you!" her hand gives a jerk and her finger accidentally pulls back the trigger.


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