Dinner time

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When you got home you said hi yo you're parents and siblings then you helped your parents make dinner when you guys finished you set the table when you guys finished you heard someone knock at the door you said I'll get it since you knew Robby was coming when you opened the door you said hi babe you're just on time he said good as he walked in he hugged you and kissed you on the forehead then you're dad came over to ask you who it was and when he saw who it was he said oh hey Robby it's good to see you again as he hugged him and asked him what are you doing here Robby said oh y/n invited me over to eat she said you guys missed me well she's right we missed you and now you get to meet her siblings you're dad said then you said ok come on guys let's go eat and introduce Robby to Sam and Anthony when you guys went to the table you said Sam this is my boyfriend Robby Robby this is Sam my twin sister Robby said nice to meet you Sam said it's nice to meet you too then you said Anthony this is my boyfriend Robby and Robby this is my little brother Anthony Robby said it's nice to meet you Anthony and Anthony said it's nice to meet you too then he looked back down at his tablet then Robby said hi ms. Larusso she said hi back then everyone sat down to eat their dinner when Robby was done he said it was really good then you're mom said thanks he said no problem then Robby asked Anthony if he wanted to play video games with him so they can get along Anthony said of course then they went to play you we're smiling as you we're watching them play laughing you we're happy because they we're getting along then Sam came and said I can tell you missed him a lot and he seems nice and it's good that they're getting along but you should steal him back from Anthony to hangout you said yeah I did and I want to hangout but there having fun and bonding I'll let them play a little longer anyways we have school and Anthony almost has to go to bed Sam said ok let's hangout then until he goes to bed you said ok then you painted her nails and she painted yours then you heard you're mom tell Anthony to got to bed so Sam left and you went downstairs.

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