Fist Fights

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He tried to keep his temper in check, he really did. But the guy had cornered you in your seat, his breathing heavy with alcohol. Dean blamed himself for not being there when the guy had his mouth all over you- Dean was in the bathroom, coming back at the exact moment where the guy pinned your hand to the seat. Dean had grabbed the guy from you, hands right around the man's collar and dragged him outside. A crowd had assembled around them and you had to squeeze through to see Dean hitting the man's jaw over and over again. Blood was thrown down the man's face until he wasn't recognizable. You struggled to get in between them and your hands flew up to prevent Dean from killing the man. When you were back in the impala he apologized to you.

As always it was a late night when you went out for food. And deciding it was a warm night, you walked to a small diner not three blocks over from the motel. You could see the neon sign of the diner when you were pulled into an alley, immediately being slammed against the brick wall. Hands were tearing your shirt and one was holding your mouth tight. The only thing you could have done was pray. Thank god Castiel came, in all his blue eyed glory, eyes already set and narrowed. He pulled the three guys from you, tossing them at the opposite wall with such forced it sent one unconscious. The other two stayed to get put down by the angel. You thanked him with relief.

There was a time and a place where Sammy got angry. He wasn't an angry drunk, or when he was tired. It was actually a number of things. Usually when you talked to other guys or when you'd go out without him. Tonight it was just that. You wanted a break from researching and had gone out all too happy for the free time- you had asked Sam to come but he refused. Later you were tipsy, talking to the bartender and the cute guy next to you, who had his hand on your knee. Sam came in, seeing the guys hand travel up your thigh and you wriggle at his touch. "Stop." You mumbled, still able to protect yourself. He didn't Though and Sam had to step in, forcing himself between you two and punching the guy in the nose to get the message across that you were his.

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