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Another Supernatural Imagine Book by Adjn0r
Another Supernatural Imagine Bookby Jordy
This book is only here because I can't bring myself to delete it. It's just a messy conglomeration of teenage jordyn's daydreams and depression compressed into supernatu...
Supernatural Imagines by MultiFandomImagines8
Supernatural Imaginesby MultiFandomImagines8
This is a collection of Supernatural drabbles, imagines, one shots and headcanons that I wrote on Tumblr.
Supernatural One-Shots and Imagines (x Reader) by TeaAndSympathy
Supernatural One-Shots and Lou
Supernatural Characters x Reader - Imagines, one-shots and drabbles Credit for the book cover goes to Nothing_But_A_Thief
Spn imagines  by sammyisdadd
Spn imagines by sammyisdadd
None of these are mine most are just off tumblr WARNING some,... well a lot of smut so read at your own risk.
SupernaturalxReader by callmewinchester_
SupernaturalxReaderby King Under the Mountain
Supernatural oneshots for all your dissociative needs.
Supernatural Imagines by _Jack_The_Nephilim_
Supernatural Imaginesby Jack Kline
Supernatural Imagines, because I can 😎🙂😏🥺🤓
supernatural imagines/smuts by fiantoxduri
supernatural imagines/smutsby fiantoxduri
no longer updating unless i get into this show again i'm sorry 😔 so basically i'm obsessed w supernatural and all i've been doing is reading imagines so i decided to wr...
Supernatural imagines by gbow1999
Supernatural imaginesby Gbow1999
Imagines about our favorite characters in supernatural. Dean Sam Castiel More
Supernatural Imagines/One shots by fizzy31funny
Supernatural Imagines/One shotsby fizzy31funny
Supernatural imagines! That's exactly it - just wrote these for fun so have a read if you want lolz. 😊🥰
Supernatural Imagines by KayleeHeath4
Supernatural Imaginesby Kaylee Heath
Some imagines I havr written and have been requested. Requests are Open. I write for: Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Castiel Jack Kline Gabriel Crowley Lucifer Casifer
Supernatural Imagines by Spn-Flash-Imagine
Supernatural Imaginesby Spn-Flash-Imagine
These are/will be the imagines that I have posted onto my tumblr (All of the good ones at least) (Y/n)= Your name My tumblr is : *I do n...
Bound to Lucifer  by queenofthecrxssroad
Bound to Lucifer by queenofthecrxssroad
The Winchester boys help you out when a lone hunt goes wrong. Being injured you were driven back to the bunker till you run into a certain someone. The story is revolve...
What's a Netflix? {Supernatural Imagines} by irvncap
What's a Netflix? {Supernatural char
A bunch of Supernatural imagines, all with them X the reader. You can always request stuff, just personal message me! Hope you enjoy! I don't own Supernatural or any of...
dean winchester  imagines by izzybelle07
dean winchester imaginesby wayward__winchester
99% Dean Winchester imagines❤️
A New Life - Supernatural Fanfic by leoxdicaprioo
A New Life - Supernatural Fanficby 🪽✨
UNFINISHED FOR NOW!! Whilst working a normal day, Jessie becomes involved in a demon fight. Sam and Dean Winchester save her, taking her under their wing. As Jessie and...
Supernatural BSM Imagines by SaltNBurnMoose
Supernatural BSM Imaginesby SaltNBurnMoose
It's basically in the title. In these imagines you are the brothers sibling/sister! Slow updates sometimes :/ writing's hard I do not own supernatural or its character...
Supernatual Imagines by pocketminie
Supernatual Imaginesby pocketminie
Here are some Supernatural Imagines. You can comment a request and I will try to write them. I will also write some of my own. I will try to upload at least once a week...
Supernatural Imagines by TinyAsianEmpress
Supernatural Imaginesby TinyAsianEmpress
Wattpad Supernatural featured. A collection of imagines, preferences, one shots and mini series of supernatural characters and their actors. COMPLETED ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─...
BOOK ONE | dean winchester imagines by surelynottoday
BOOK ONE | dean winchester imaginesby 🤷🏽‍♀️tehe💁🏽‍♀️
in which i post my favorite imagines from tumblr and some of my own