The overprotective brother

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Knock knock. Big brother lived in a gothic mansion in the demon realm. See demons can reside in the human world,demon realm or hell. Nice choices even though we're considered vermin. The door swung open to reveal a fellow with long silver hair.

"Ayy. Big brother!" Aiden's gaze softened seeing as it was me. Aiden isn't a stoic person. No of course not. He's violent,mean,rude,impatient,and kind of like a tsudere. If any of the things I listed weren't enough to convince you that he's a lovable asshole,then I don't know what to tell you.
"Hey I didn't expect you to be here."
"Why?" I asked.
"Well last time...." Oh...

*Last time*
"I hate you! Your an asshole!" I screamed.
"And your a PMSing bitch!"
"Fuck you I'm leaving!"
"Fine!" And a slammed door was heard.
*This time*

The whole argument was about who tells Hannah that we broke her necklace. Yeah Aiden was in bedridden for about 5 days.
"Well that's in the past! Let's go inside!" We ended up in the living space going through old memories when Aiden asked me a question.
"So why are you here? It's been 5 months."
"Is it possible for me to turn into a human unless I eat a soul." He nodded.
"Your here to eat aren't you?" I nodded my head enthusiastically.
"No." He shot down my only hope. Asshole!
"Because. 1.I don't have any souls.2.Hannah will kill me." He started to shiver uncontrollably at the mention of Hannah. He started to speak again.
"Besides your to goodie goodie to eat a soul now you'll grow attached to the human." 
"No I wouldn't! Even if I did you would've forced me to eat the soul anyway!"
"Hannah became attached because she let her guard down you would get attached too!"
"Prove it!"
"What's the name of that brat you work for? Trancy? Alois Trancy,right?" No matter how hard I tried I couldn't hold down my blush and Aiden noticed. He stood up arubtly and  I stood as well.
"I'm just going to have a friendly conversation with this Alois Trancy all right." He had this dark aura looming around him and so before he even took one step I tackled him.
"(Y-y/n) get off me! I wanna tear him to shreds!"
"No! Besides He's contracted to a demon named Claude so don't even try it!"
"Who's Claude now!"
"Hannah's lover to be once I get them together!" I probably shouldn't have said that 'cause he struggled more. The only reason he hasn't thrown me off himself is because he doesn't hurt his own.
"I'll kill him! Two of my sisters captivated by males that don't even seem worthy! The only thing that can make this worse is if the triplets are there too 'cause if-" He must've noticed my silence since he stopped talking and his eyes flashed red and he spoke in a low voice indicating he wanted to kill somthing.
"Did the triplets say anything to you? And don't lie I can tell."
"Well..They said that my body matured and that's it, seeing as they can only whisper." I was caught off guard when he pushed me off and ran away with a killer's face. Oh shit. I chased after him screaming all the things Hannah would do to him. It of course failed to stop him.        Thats what he looks like

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