A Hateful Family is The First Step to Insanity

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A little girl no older than nine peeked through a crack in the doorway to listen in on her parents conversation.

That little girl's name was (y/n) Annafelows.

The mother's voice was the first heard.

"We have to get rid of her! She's a disgrace to the family!"

"Yes but killing her will show weakness in both strength and mind." The mother's shoulders slumped at the father's sentence seeing as he was correct. Yet he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"But it doesn't mean we can't try." So the parents would brainstorm ideas on getting rid of their daughter but it always had a problem to it. The little girl would always listen in on their conversations since the parents were ever so oblivious of her presence. She was a sweet little girl of 9 human years. So sweet that even the servants were sick of her happy go lucky attitude. The servants had also had thoughts of killing her but that would result in painful execution since she was born from a higher up demon society. Sorry you must be confused, demons are ranked on how quick they are,strong,cunning,and deceiving. Oh how can I forget their control for food. What I mean is some demons devour unmercifully not knowing when to stop which gets in the way of good judgement while others such as the Annafellows can control this urge so to get tasty souls.But it was at this point Hannah had given up on souls and left and her family decided to follow in her footsteps. Demons can survive long points without a soul but eventually need to eat one because of the sick happiness they feel from it. So the Annafelows never seriously gave up on souls because it was a drug and they were addicted. If demons don't get a fill of this sick happiness they die as simple as that. Some demons thought their decision was a sign of weakness while others saw it as strength. The demons working in the Annafelows mansion would die of lack of souls and it wasn't rare. They were merely weak demons used as slaves and if they ever told that the Annafelows haven't really given up they were killed. (y/n) was different since she hasn't tasted a soul so she wouldn't die of lack sick happiness. Of course there wasn't only demon servants. There was angels and humans though humans died of quickly because of disease and angels died of misery.

The little girl didn't really feel a loving connection with her mother,father,and servants but she adored and cherished her big brother and sister. But her big sister left soon after leaving their bond on the line of weak and strong. Her big brother was different though,they played games,talked,and even bothered the servants together. Her brother even defended her from other demon children that bullied her because she never ate a soul. Their bond was as strong as steal.

But one day when the little girl had went to listen in she screamed. The bodies of her parents lay lifeless with their hearts torn out of their chests,missing. The window was as well shattered. The servants and Big Brother had ran to see what had occurred. Everyone was left speechless. The investigation was carried on but no answer was found and everyone gave up. Big Brother was the Annafelows next heir but he refused the offer and carried on with eating souls and trying to find the killer. The high class demon society decided to ignore the family until someone had taken charge and it would seem (y/n) would have to do it  when she reaches age unless the criminal was found and Aiden would take charge.......


My eyes fluttered open when I awoke from the dream. Yes I remember that day as if yesterday. I carried my day out dully since Aiden left which must explain the blond haired boy in my bed. He must have been worried. He looked so peaceful.

I never let anyone hurt him. I'll fight anyone who tries to. Even Big Brother.

I'll go as far as killing.....

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