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okay sisters, I wrote this when I was like 12 and y'all have bad taste, that's the tea like damn, I can't even read it outta fear of dying out of embarrassment oof

But thanks for the continued support of this literal garbage oof

Not gonna lie this is literal garbage

I've been off of Wattpad because I hate reading lmfao

But how's your day?

How's life?

Math class still suck? Lol I wouldn't know I opted out of taking it this year

Sucks to suck am I right sisters

After I joined the nunnery I've reached peak brain power and performance

I have transcended this universe

Back to the main point

Why did this get so many votes and comments?

Y'all wow me

What did you guys actually like in this book?

Serious inquires only


The nunniest nun in the nunnery

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