Never,EVER,be late unless he likes you.

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"Who are you?" The boy asked.
"Wow. You saw right through my lie. Okay I don't work with the postal office. I'm a Trancy manor maid here to personal deliver this letter." I handed him the letter and his eyes skimmed through the paper.
"No I will not attend a Trancy ball."
"Why not? Are you shy?"
"No I just don't like that Trancy boy!" I guess I hit a soft spot.
"That doesn't seem like an excusable reason. You wouldn't want to have nasty rumors spread about how Phantomhive didn't attend a ball again." He clenched his jaw and nodded.
"Okay I'll see you there Earl of Phantomhive. Au Revoir!" Yeah I've been practicing my French.(It means goodbye I think.....continue with the story!)
"Farewell." Was the last thing I heard as I left and rode back to the Trancy manor and it was almost sundown.

(Ciel's Pov)

I watched as the girl rode off.
"Sebastian. What's her name and what is she?" It had occurred to me that the Trancy manor servants were all demons but she couldn't possibly be one can she?
"Her name is (y/n) (l/n) and she is in fact a demon but she hasn't had a taste of a soul yet. Which means she's quite weak." I nodded she did seem more human than the others. 

(Your Pov)
I jumped off the horse and looked toward the grand Trancy manor doors only to see Alois running toward me. I was about to say hi but his hand went across my face. What did I do to deserve that I looked at him with confused eyes.
"Why did you try to leave?!" He screamed.
"I was just delivering the letter!" I yelped hoping he would calm down.
"That was Claude's job! I thought you were gonna leave me!" He wrapped his arms around me while he sobbed. I figured this was something that might've happened in the past and it haunts him. I wrapped my arms around his sobbing figure and looked into his icy orbs.
"I will never leave you your highness." I made a bold move and went up on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek. I was blushing by the time I went back down to normal height.
"Say my name." He muttered.
"Say my name! Alois." He spoke little louder.
"Alois." What I didn't know was that the boy in front of me loved the way HIS name rolled off MY tongue.
"I promise you (y/n) I'll try to stop slapping you and show you more compassion." Was the last thing he said as his face neared mine and our lips met. It was a very sweet yet passionate kiss. I pulled back when he tried to deepen it with tongue,I wasn't ready yet so I changed the subject.
"Oh um yeah! Phantomhive said yes. I'll go return the horse to the stables now. Bye!" I was about to kiss his cheek but I quickly pulled back shocking the earl and bowing. I scurried away blushing like an idiot. But what can I say. I like him....a lot. 

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