First day

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A peaceful morning. The sun is shining,the birds are singing and everything feels alright,that is, till I woke up.

I felt someone jumping on the bed and I groaned and rolled over in discomfort to signal the person to stop and leave me alone. And of course, they didn't get the message and the jumping became more unbearable until I finally spoke up.
"Hannah go away. It's still night time for those who are nocturnal." I wasn't nocturnal ,but I just wanted to get my point through which earned me a push onto the floor.
"(y/n)! Get up! You said you were a hard worker! Or did I mishear you?!" Screamed a voice whom wasn't Hannah but his highness Earl Alois Trancy. I quickly covered myself with my hands. I didn't sleep naked duh! But I don't want a boy to see me in the morning. I look awful! I heard giggling from above. I looked up to see even his highness with the bed head look with the famous white sleeping shirt.
"Too late. I already saw you (y/n)! Your so cute!" I blushed uncontrollably. Who wouldn't? Were both in are PJ's and he just called me cute.
"Y-your highness! You shouldn't be in your sleepwear it's improper!"
"Well I wanted you to dress me seeing as your now the head maid but even your not dressed. So which one of us is more improper?" True,true. But why me?! You have Claude.
"But you have Claude! Plus he didn't teach me how to dress you!" I gave my best excuses in a hustle.
"But he did tell you to listen to your master. Did he not?" Crap.
"Where are your clothes." I muttered with an upset tone. He threw his clothes at me. Booty shorts and all. I stood to my feet and prayed he didn't need me to put on his underwear which,thank god, he didn't. I unbuttoned his night shirt and slid it off his arms. My blush only intensified looking into his well built chest. How was that possible for a 14 year old?! I then picked up his clothes and put them on ending with me tying the silky,black signature bow. I took a step back and examined my work. I did a fine job but I looked up and got caught in those icy blue eyes again. His hand met my face in a slap literally snapping my whole head in another direction.
"Poor (y/n). You did everything right but you made one mistake." He leaned into my ear and whispered.
"Never look into your master's eyes,unless you want to have your sister's fate." My eyes widened in fear as they stared at the floor. Alois pulled back.
"Well get dressed and come to my study!" He skipped happily away leaving me and my sore cheek to get dressed.
(Time Skip)
Claude and I stood side by side to Highness's left. Alois seemed to be frustrated. He then stands up and throws a book at Claude,smack right in the face. Yet somehow his glasses survived impact. I know it's wrong but I was trying to hold in my giggles,terribly I may add. The two males noticed and Alois started approaching me,book in hand I shut my eyes for impact. All I felt was a tiny bump. Alois had only taken the spine of the book and let it touch the top of my head. I looked into his eyes again forgetting the rule I learned but it seems Alois forgot it too.
"Bad (y/n). You can't make a sound in front of your master." He held my gaze. Icy blue met (e/c) and neither seemed to want to break away. Until Claude spoke.
"Your highness, it's time for lunch." That much time had pasted! Wow!
"Good I'm hungry!" Alois then proceeded with his signature skip to the dining hall,throwing the book that touched me full force onto Claude's face again. When gravity took action and made the book fall gently onto the floor,Claude glared at me with his glasses which,yet again, were unharmed. I again started giggling.
"I am so eating you." Claude spoke in that deadly Claude voice.
"Wait let's talk about this! You wouldn't want me! I'm demon flavored!" I yelled in a high pitched voice scared for my life.
"I could always try new things." He said following Alois's trail which I sadly had to follow with the fear of Claude's wrath.

The day surprising flew by fast and it was night time already. Thankfully no teeth marks have appeared on my body since then. I was given the task to help Alois prepare for bed which meant laying eyes on his chest again. I visibly blushed red as I shook my head vigorously seeming like a maniac to the triplets passing by whispering. 'What's up with her?...Who cares didn't you take the opportunity to check out her boobs?....Why her boobs? Her ass is better.' I scurried away,unhappy to have become the triplets new model and ended up at his highness's door and I knocked twice.
"Come in." I opened the door to see a sleepy Alois sitting on his bed. He lazily stood up seeing it was me. I picked up his night shirt and started undressing and dressing him,touching his body whenever I got the chance. Alois must've noticed this since he had a smug grin on his face. I was about to bow and excuse myself,but.
"Lay with me until I fall asleep that's an order."And to avoid my protests he pulled me into bed and wrapped his arms around my delicate figure. I enjoyed it even though I found it wrong and felt safe in his arms. Before I drifted to sleep my only thoughts were 'Claude can't eat me now.' While Alois thought.

She's mine now.....

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