Big brother is an asshole

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I dragged my feet over to the Trancy manor doors still in my PUFFY PINK dress. I just wanted to break down and cry. How in the world are you suppose to explain you had been kidnapped by a PINK obsessed blond girl? As I opened the doors I was greeted with the whole Trancy manor. I was prepared to die of embarrassment. It wasn't just the pink dress no. You see I had like a million clips in my hair with childish designs. I was half barefooted and Lizzy also decided to put 10 pounds of glitter on me with fairy wings. How nice. I saw everybody trying to hold in their laughs even CLAUDE! Before anyone could ask anything I spoke.
"It was ALL Ciel's fault! He left me with a monster also known as LIZZY!" The name Lizzy was dripping in venom from my voice. I quickly ran to my room before anyone could blink. Once I arrived at my room I ripped off my dress with fairy wings and threw the slipper out my window. I sat in front of my mirror for about 30 minutes as I removed every hair clip. Then I went to go take a long shower to hopefully rid myself of sparkles. Which Thank God! Worked. Odd hearing a demon thank God. Maybe Claude was right I am turning human. I could have escaped the Midford manor in a snap with my abilities but I let fear blind me when there wasn't anything to fear. I frowned at myself in the mirror with my new maid outfit since the last was ripped to shreds by Lizzy. Hannah doesn't need to worry about turning human since she has already consumed many souls and what makes her strong is that she still tries her hardest while she's starving. My mother and father can go long periods without souls but they always come back even when they say they're gonna stop. Big brother, well he's making contracts left and right and even wants me to eat a soul. Maybe he knows that I might turn human. I heaved a large sigh and exited my room. I turned a few corners only to come face to face with Alois.
"Hello your highness." I muttered out.
"Don't look down in the dumps we're going to the Phantomhive manor!" I followed him as he skipped over to the carriage and I sat in front with Claude.
"Hey Claude." I spoke trying to get his attention which worked.
"Can I visit my big brother Aiden for a while?"
"I'll ask his highness after the trip. But is your big brother the eldest in the family or in between you and Hannah?"
"I get it Claude you want to see if big brother will accept you as an in-law!" I spoke trying to get him flustered because I felt that would cheer me up.
"W-What?! Of course not! It was just a question!" And yes it cheered me up.
"Well Hannah and Aiden are twins and Aiden is older."
"I never knew Hannah had a twin."
"Well she does and the triplets hate him mostly cause he's an over protective asshole. Don't tell him I said that cause it's true." Claude nodded in response as we pulled up in front of the Phantomhive manor with Sebastian waiting for us. I waved at him as I felt Claude's death stare. I saw Alois sprint to the manor doors successfully without being stopped. I guess he really wanted to see Ciel. And somehow Sebastian appeared in front of me leaving me in between two angry butlers. Perfect...
"Hi Sebastian."
"Hello Milady. Let me help you exit the carriage."
"Michealis I'll help her out." Oh boy.
"Don't worry guys I can get out myself!" I opened the door and successfully reached ground as the two butler were giving each other death glares. I decided it was time to meet up with Alois and I sprinted to Ciel's study since I guessed he would be there. I opened the door and saw the two earls fighting. Seriously.
"Oh Lady (y/n) nice to see you again." Ciel started when he noticed me.
"You left me with that monster known as Lizzy!!" I screamed out of anger. 
"Sorry but if I were to help you she would've started crying in the ball room." Somehow I don't doubt that.
"Admit it Ciel! Your jealous that I have (y/n) and you don't!" Wait that's why we're here? Ciel only stared at the ground as Alois giggled and dragged me away to the carriage where the two butlers were fighting with silverware the other servants watching in awe. I turned to the blonde boy next to me and asked the question that had been bothering me since we got here.
"Alois can I visit my big brother. I haven't seen him in so long and there's an important question I have to ask him." What you didn't know was that Alois was thinking of his brother Luka as he nodded to your question, Together you two called out to Claude and began the ride home.

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