Lizzy the prince and (y/n)'s pink slipper

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Today was the night of the ball. Alois was very hyper today but he was hyper almost any day. I walked around the ball room asking guests if they would like any refreshments. Then my eyes met that of Ciel Phantomhive as he strolled toward me.
"Refreshments?" I asked politely conjugating the attitude I had when I met him. 
"No. I just want to speak with you."
"That's very improper seeing as I'm the maid."
"Yes but you are the complete opposite of a maid. Since you find loop holes wherever you go. Am I wrong?" Well what could I say? He was completely correct.
"Yes well the other guests don't seem to know that."I replied casually and he nodded in response.
"Tell me why do you work for Trancy?" He asked.
"Well I wanted to work side by side with my big sister Hannah. Yes I realize we look nothing alike." But my last sentence still didn't wipe the shocked look on his face.
"Well if that's the case I won't ask you to work at my manor." I nodded presuming he wanted me to work there because of the other servants' mistakes. I was so lost in thought that I hadn't noticed Ciel had blushed. But who would when something just killed there eardrums. That something was a she.
"CIEL!!!!!" I saw a blob of blonde glomp Ciel and I thought it was Alois for a second but he doesn't wear pigtails. Emerald greens eyes stared into my (e/c) ones. Then the she spoke.
"Your so cute! I am Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford but you can call me Lizzy!"
"Hi Lizzy I'm Cieciela Cornfield and I am a maid." Yeah I did NOT want to give her my name and I looked at Ciel with pleading eyes which he nodded to. I don't know why but every time I thought about giving her my real name these instincts I guess if that's what you want to call them yelled out 'No! Puffy dresses! You'll Die!'. So I decided to play it safe but I felt guilty. I wish I didn't.
"Just kidding! My name is (y/n) Annafellows." I replied brightly which she smiled to. She then gripped my wrist tightly and dragged me away.
"Come on I'll make you look so CUTE!" I shot a look back at Ciel and he gave me the 'I'm sorry your screwed' look. Elizabeth then started a forward march to my hell.

(TimeSKip Deal with the Capital K!)

Darkness. Why you may ask. I'm hiding in a cupboard in the Midford mansion. My uniform torn since I ran from Elizabeth and her Cute Powers. I swear she has the power to take down both the Trancy and Phantomhive manors single handed. The door opened to reveal bright light and shining emerald eyes............Crap.......

(Another time skip)

The strings were pulled tighter with her teenage hands as I let out another pained scream.
"(y/n) calm down it's only a corset." Elizabeth stated reassuringly but that met the (h/c) girl's ears differently. It sounded like a threat to her and when Lizzy finished she took off in a run but she didn't even make it out the door because she fell down clutching her stomach unable to move because of the constriction.............Crap........

(And Another Time Skip~)

Pink. That's all I saw because she put me in a PINK Puffy dress! Probably the PUFFIEST one! Her room was all PINK! PINK stuffed animals! PINK walls!Even a PINK mattress!
"(y/n)~" Lizzy cooed as she brought over what seemed like a kit. Oh yeah. I was tied to a PINK chair with PINK ribbons.
"Time for your makeup~" I cringed at the word makeup. She opened the kit to reveal EVERY shade of PINK that ever existed. I used my supernatural strength to cut through the ribbons and I ran and ran. When I was outside the manor a pink slipper that she gave me slipped off my foot but I ran on in case she caught up. While I was running I heard screams of my name by Lizzy and I couldn't help but think this is familiar to a story of some sort. 

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