The Tragic Story of Claude and Hannah

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I looked up at the boy from my bowing position. I'll have to admit he was quite handsome. I silently questioned why he was wearing booty shorts but that didn't matter I was captivated by his eyes. They were a beautiful icy blue color. I couldn't look away until he spoke.
"I am earl Alois Trancy and I'm guessing your Hannah's little sister. I'm surprised,you two look nothing alike. Tell me,what's your name?"
"(y/n) Annafellows." I answered shortly. I was intimidated. This boy took my sister's eye with no remorse,so it seems.
"Claude show (y/n) to her room and give her the uniform." He then skipped away cheerfully. The butler now known as Claude approached.
"Lady (y/n) please follow me." I followed obediently and after walking down a couple corridors I noticed something. There's spiders everywhere!
"Uh..Claude why are there spi-" He cut me off.
"Since the Trancy manor insignia is a spider we do not harm them and let them roam the manor."
"Um do they bite?" 
"No the spiders are quite friendly if you return them the respect they deserve." I let out an audible relived sigh that Claude noticed.
"Have a phobia for spiders do we."
"I u-used to but not anymore!'' Dang it my voice trembled.
"But the spiders keep there distance right?"
"Some do some don't." I literally started trembling. Okay so maybe spiders do scare me.
"But my room doesn't have spiders and if there are you'll move them?" I questioned begging the all mighty forces for him to say yes.
"Maybe but if the spiders are perfectly content there I won't be able to do anything. Oh and you can't change rooms." I saw him smirk. Evil bastard. Helpless mode activated. I started hugging the life out of him and acting as though I'm about to cry.
"B-but you'll protect me right. And make sure I'm happy." I then stuck out my secret weapon. Puppy dog face. His eyes widened for a split second and he seemed unsure of what to do. I felt my fear dissipate as I inwardly enjoyed putting Claude in an awkward position. But then he got a look of triumph as if he won our little battle.
"But lady (y/n) I'm a spider demon." My eyes widened as fear came crashing like waves back to me. And then I asked the most stupidest and humiliating question I ever could.
"Your not gonna eat me right?" Claude then started shaking,like he was holding something in. He then started chuckling out of nowhere.
"Why would I eat you? Another demon. I only prefer human souls like any other demon." I felt myself blush out of embarrassment as Claude continued laughing finding it hard to remain his stoic form.
"W-well I-I was only joking!" I exclaimed trying to cover up my stupidity. Claude only gave me a 'Sure you were.' look and continued laughing.
"If you keep laughing I'll make sure Hannah never dates you." He instantly stopped and became a tomato.
"W-what? Why would I-I care about that?" 
"Cause you like her. Duhhh!"  
"No I don't.'' I replied with an 'uh huh' and followed him into my room where,thank god,were no spiders. He gave me my uniform,which was skimpier than Hannah's but still appropriate for work.
"Please put your uniform on while I wait outside. I have to show you what your duties as a maid shall be." I put on the uniform and put my hair up in a simply ponytail and walked out to meet Claude and learn how to be a maid.
"Hey Claude why are you teaching me these things instead of Hannah or the triplets." I asked since the head butler should only know of how to make sure his master is content.
"Well every noble needs a head maid you might get that position since his highness doesn't really favor Hannah."
"Oh no that makes your secret romance more difficult than it already is. Dealing with the pain of distance between your soulmate." I spoke dramatically causing him to blush and mutter a faint but audible '(y/n), shut up.' which resulted in me giggling.
"No one knows. Oh and as a head maid you have to deal with everything his highness does and do what he asks you to. Just so you know his highness has a tendency to throw books,so bare the pain."
"Has he ever thrown a book at you?"
"Twice this month."
"Thanks for the tip."
"Day into night. Sugar into salt. Living to dead. Dark blue into gold. That's what makes a Trancy butler." I giggled at his catchphrase.
"Do I need to say that or have mine own catchphrase."
"No to both questions." We finished the tour and study session. I was excused for the day and went to sleep for a dreadful early morning to come. Little did you know an earl was watching. A blond little boy jealous that you could bring emotions out of Claude that he could not. He was also upset because it seems you had no interest in him which angered him since he wanted you to want him.

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