I'm a Mailman!!!!! Woman....girl....

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I woke up wrapped in Alois's arms. Should I get up? Yes. Do I want to? No. The reasons why I didn't want to get up are quite simply.
1.I must not wake the master.
2.Im tired
3.This is really comfortable.
But we're my reasons acknowledged? Of course not. Alois's eyes fluttered open to meet my (e/c) orbs.
"My,my (y/n) are you trying to flirt with me?"
"No you just grabbed me." I told him bluntly. It's too early in the morning to get flustered.
"Are you tired?" He asked
"How'd you guess?"
"It's just you don't seem like a blunt,boring person."
"Well put."
"Since I'm such a nice master I'll let you sleep in until Claude comes." My eyes lit up. Alois was so nice!
"Th-" My 'Thank you' was interrupted by a voice we all know.
"Your highness it's time to wake and (y/n),His highness said for you to leave when I come. Now if you may." Claude! That bastard! I started walking to the door and when I was about to pass him he said.
"Payback for laughing and getting two books thrown at me." I froze when I exited the room. He deprived me of my sleep!

(Timeskip to you and Hannah)

"Hannah! And then he-And then he! He said 'Payback for laughing and getting two books thrown at me.'. I sobbed. I couldn't help it. Scaring me shitless with an 'I'm gonna eat you!' joke is totally different from sleep deprivation. 
"(Y/n) It's just sleep you'll get used to getting up early."
"Hannah! No it's happened two days in a row! One with master and now Claude! You don't know how good it feels to wake up at your own time because you deprive yourself of that pleasure!" I continued crying. Yes my parents and siblings always told me not to give into human habits but I wanted to try it out. I didn't think I'd ever get addicted to sleep.
"Okay let's make a deal." This intrigued me so I looked up.
"If you work hard today and get used to the life of a maid I'll buy you some chocolate and candy." I nodded my head vigorously and went back to work. Okay so maybe sleep isn't the only thing I got addicted to. You might be asking 'Hey! Don't demons only eat souls and hate anything else that isn't tasty like souls?'. Well yes. But ever since Hannah gave up on souls the whole family made a statement and gave up too. This was before I ever ate a soul. So it was easy for me to give them up since I never crave over them.Some demons call my family disgusting. Do we care? More or less. It doesn't matter to me since no one wanted to be friends with me anyway. I'm fine being with just the triplets,Hannah,and big brother. Yes Hannah and I have a big brother but that's a story for another day. Right now it's been 2 hours since I last saw Hannah and I'm on horseback. No I'm not trying to escape. I just need to personally deliver a letter for Ciel Phantomhive and make sure he reads it and gives an answer. I ride along only to come into view of a marvelous manor. I still like Trancy manor better though. I hop off the horse and knock three times on the door. Where a butler with blood red eyes answers the door, a demon butler.
"May I help you Miss?"
"Yes I'm here to deliver a letter to Phantomhive from Trancy."
"Give it to me Milady. I'll take it from here." I knew the butler and his master hated the Trancy manor with passion. But this wasn't going to stop me from fulfilling my orders. Now it's time for a little secretive blackmail. As youngest of the family I have mastered the art of getting what I want.
"Surely I couldn't allow you to do that! Besides knowing the Phantomhive hospitality you'll allow me in without question. Or was that a lie?"
"Come right in." Yes I've mastered the art. Just then an explosion was heard and the butler sighed and three other servants scrambled toward us apologizing left and right.
"Is this normal?"
"Sadly." The butler answered.
"Who's this?" The three asked simultaneously.
"I'm (Y/n) from the Trancy manor and you are?"
"I'm Mey-rin! Yes I am!"
"Bardroy but call me Bard."
"I'm Finnian but please call me Finny pretty lady." I blushed at that and turned toward the butler and said.
"And you are?" 
"Sebastian Michaelis." 
"Now that introductions are out of the way I must deliver this letter. Mr.Michaelis can you please lead me to your master?"
"Yes Milady." And so Sebastian led me to the master. I knocked on his study door and heard a muffled 'Who is it?'
"The mailman! Woman...girl." I opened the door to see a confused looking boy.

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