Home will never be homely

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 The sound of heels echoed out through the hallway. I'm slowly recovering from the episode with Aiden. It still hurts though. I look up since I suddenly lost interest in my shoes to meet black. A black butler's uniform that is. Gold clashed with (e/c).

"His highness wishes to see you." I slowly bopped my head in response. I really didn't feel like adding side comments or talking for that matter. I strolled down the hallway until the,oh so,familiar doors came in view. I knocked three times and waited for an okay to enter. When none came I raised my hand to knock again when the door suddenly swung open revealing a rather pissed of teen. 

"What do you want?"

"Um C-Claude said y-you needed me." Damn my stuttering. His palm met my face and let's just say he has one hell of a slap.

"Quit stuttering! Yes deliver this letter to Phantomhive." I turned around to leave but his following words taunted me."Don't hurry back." The thing that hurt was the amount of venom laced in each word.


I knocked twice on the grand phantomhive doors and if you guessed the butler answered the door..well your correct.

"Milady I'll give that letter to the young master." He reached for the letter as my hand pulled back.

"Do you mind if I deliver it personally?" His highness's words still haunting my once so peaceful mind.

"Come right in." He guided me to the young earl's study and followed through with letting me inside. The bluenette waved his butler to leave and the butler did so respectively.

"What does Trancy want now?" I handed him the letter respectively.

"What happened to your cheek?" My hand slowly lifted up to touched the spot Alois had slapped me at and I winced back not expecting the bruise to have already formed. My mind flashed back to the day I saw Hannah's eye.

I'll make Trancy pay!

Wow I'm such a liar. Hell I kissed him faster than expected. We barely know anything about each other. Hell we don't even know what our favorite colors are! 

"Nothing Earl Phantomhive." I managed a forced smile but those who force smiles can spot out  fakes. The young earl raised a questioning eyebrow at me but his eyes returned to skimming the letter.

"So Trancy is asking for you to be transferred to work here temporarily claiming to need a 'break'."


"Did you not hear me? Well I'll accept the offer to avoid trouble." He leaned back on his chair and cross his legs in a sophisticated way.

"Go ask Sebastian for your duties...your name's (y/n)?" I nodded my head and set out to search for the butler. Alois's words finally seeming clear.



I followed the horrid noise to see Sebastian scolding Bard,Finny and Meyrin. They instantly seemed to notice me and sprinted passed Sebastian greeting me enthusiastically. Well that was a 180 degree turn. My eyes scanned the room to see a rather frustrated butler and a ho ho ho happy Tanaka.

"Hi guys I'm really happy to see you!" I was actually happy today thanks to them.

"So why are you here?" Bard asked.

"Well Earl Trancy wanted to transfer me for a while." I answered him not really knowing how long 'while' will be. The trio immediately started conversing happily but I wasn't really listening. My mind was storming with questions.

Has Alois lost interest in me?

Was our relationship just a fling?

What will Aiden do?

How's home?

I instantly snapped out my thoughts because of that question since I never really cared about home since it was so hateful.

"(Y/n) are you listening?" The butler asked.

"Sorry repeat that please!" I exclaimed nervously scratching the back of my neck.

"Would you please clean up this mess,mop the floor,dust the shelves,help Finny with the gardening and blah blah blah." Of course he really didn't say that but I just don't feel like remembering the whole list.

I spent the whole day cleaning thinking of home. Of course it was abandoned of it's family but the servants still reside there keeping the whole place in ship shape. My parents are dead, Hannah is disgraced and can't come back but she doesn't want to go back, Aiden won't go back until he has uncovered the killer that had brought shame to our family ----Wow Aiden is awfully similar to Ciel---- lastly I don't want to return until that dreaded place is considered homely.

I finished early enough to encounter Ciel. I was just about to pass him when he grabbed my wrist resulting in my unnecessary halt.

"You should work for me permanently."


"Alois slapped you,didn't he?" I was tongue tied.

"See if you worked for me you'd be happier!"

"But I'm already happy." I smiled sincerely to reassure him. He seemed absolutely confused but asked a question none the less.


"I just am."

" Well since you seem determined to get back to his side as soon as possible I'll make you an offer."

"What is it?" I dragged each word out in confusion.

"Tomorrow I'll allow you to visit any place of your desire but please do not go anywhere near the Trancy mansion."

"Deal!" It'll be a nice vacation to get away from Alois's unexplained hate. Ciel nodded and sent a smile towards me and left. I wasn't sure if it was a true smile or a fake one but it was sweet nonetheless.


I woke up with a start and readied myself to head home. It's been awhile but since home was the only thing on my mind yesterday. Might as well visit.


The familiar gates of home laid just a  few feet in front of me. Taking a deep breathe I walked through the open gates and opened the grand doors to our palace like home. I was greeted with polite honorifics. I also noticed imprisoned angels who were apparently working for us now.
I remember there only being two since I left.

"Um since when do we have like 30 angels working for us not that I mind but..."

"Milady it's actually 21 and  the dark counsel sent them as a gift to convince lord Aiden to take charge but it didn't work."

"So they bribed big brother?" Larry the butler was about to answer but an angel retaliated.

"So we were sent here pointlessly because of a lazy damned demon!" The demon servants were about to attack the lone angel but I raised my hand stopping the commotion.

"He's fine but can we set them all free or give them back because they don't seem all to happy."

"No we'll be in big trouble if we do."

"I see. Well Aiden might have a solution so I'll ask him about it." I gave him a cheery smile and made my way to the garden hearing stray insults as I strolled along.

Are you sure something that vulnerable is a demon?

She should be disgraced along with her bitch sister.

What an insult! Setting angels free! She should take their place and be tortured!

Yes this daily life. I always act as if I hear nothing. So I can memorize all their names and faces. I need to know the trustworthy and the untrustworthy. I finally arrived at the garden to mother and father's graves. 

All the memories came back. Over and over and over and over agian.


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