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Claude's POV~

A beautiful day. The sun is shining the birds are singin-
"Yo! Four eyes! Are you Claude!?"
'Sigh' What did I ever do to deserve disrupted peace well except mass murder and soul eating....anyway! I nodded at the silver haired male who...shared a resemblance to Hannah.
"Thought so! Who da hell you think you are flirting with my sis!" Okay so that explains the resemblance. But when did I ever flirt? He was beginning to launch himself at me and I was prepared for the fight but..(y/n) jumped the male before any happened. I guessed that explains my 'flirting with Hannah'.
"(y/n)! Get the hell off! I'll kill this guy and Trancy!" 'Sigh'.
"No remember Hannah she'll slaughter you this time Aiden!" The man now known as Aiden visibly shivered at the mention of Hannah.
"Y-yeah right!" 
"Aiden?(y/n)?" The angelic-I mean dull voice of Hannah spoke from the background. All eyes fell on her and the triplets which were right on her trail.
"Hannah!My lovely sister! Have the triplets been treating you well-" He spat venom at the mention of the triplets but he abruptly stopped as all his fears vanished into thin air like an act.
"What happened to your eye?" It was like a whole new man had risen with calm yet vicious superior voice. Hannah opened her mouth but no words came out.
"It was this wretched butler and stupid earl wasn't it?" Hannah turned her gaze away which confirmed his question as he charged at me and a great battle was fought. Kicks punches as well as a few blocks were thrown but he gaze kept moving off his opponent which was myself until he charged at what seems as a random direction. It turns out it was his highness that he was aiming for. I felt frozen. I stood in place unable to move as my meal taken from right under my nose. That is until Hannah and (y/n) blocked Aiden's way pushing him back a bit but not by much.


"Out of the way sisters."
"Why are you doing this!?" What happened to protective big brother? This was murderous big brother. This is the side of Aiden that no one could control even Hannah.
"Isn't it obvious that brat decided he was superior towards demons enough to take an eye and I'm merely returning the favor."
"No! He's merely troubled! It's not his fault!"
"Little sister you wonder why your turning human. The obvious answer is your too merciful! Your a disgrace! Mother and Father Hate you! I despise you! Hannah left you! And lastly the only thing you can possibly do is be used!" He held no regrets as he spat those scaring words. Aiden turned and yelled for the whole world to hear.
"I'll be back!"

My heart snapped a few days after but it all started on this horrid day when one of the strings of my heart went.....


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