Is purity best?

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I searched the halls for Claude. It had been a day since the incident with Alois and it was as if nothing ever happened. I played along since I like the atmosphere to be normal. I was currently searching for Claude so he can answer the one question Hannah would never tell me and the triplets,um,well,can't talk. I spotted his butler attire turning a corner and I quickly called out.
"Claude!" He stopped and turned as I caught up.
"Yes what is it (y/n)?" 
"What do souls taste like? Oh and what do they look like?! Hannah won't tell me!" I asked eagerly.
"If Hannah doesn't want me to tell you then I can't."
"But. Everyone else knows and everybody teases me about it. Please!" I put out my best puppy dog face.
"Well first of all you can't see them you only taste them. The tastiest ones are full of hatred yet remain pure and the most revolting ones are the exact opposite." 
"Oh. Now no one can tease me about it! Thank you!" I hugged him tight.
"See the thing about you (y/n),is you might cease being a demon. Your just to pure." My eyes went wide.
"Your kidding right?" He shook his head. I ran off into the garden not looking back. I fell to my knees once I reached a secluded area. The thing was that I didn't mind being human. I'd still live my life it's family they'd outlive me. I'd grow old while Hannah would look 21 for a life time. I've also lived on my powers. I was very fragile at birth. I may act tough but that's just a front. I just want to be happy,but will I be happy bound to human rules. I heard a rustle of leaves as I turned to look behind me I saw Alois.
"Hey." I spoke barely above a whisper.
"Hey."he replied.
"I swear I didn't mean to listen in but I did." He told me with honesty laced in his voice.
"You did?"
"I did.But look on the bright side! We'll be able to live together!"
"I guess so but Alois your meant to be devoured by Claude."
"Oh yeah. Can I sit with you?" I just nodded my head silently. We sat for a while neither one of us daring to break the silence. That is until Alois gently gripped my chin and turned my head in his direction. Before I could mutter out a word his lips crashed onto mine. The only thing I could do was return the kiss,so I did. I wrapped my arms his neck as Alois wrapped his around my waist and pulled me into his lap. His tongue licked my lips requesting entrance which I hesitantly allowed. We explored each other's caverns as I let out a moan which Alois smirked to. We pulled away panting.
"The ball will be held tonight. Be ready." He stood up and left. I know this relationship is wrong but I can't help myself.

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