The little sister

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(Claude POV)

I walked down the halls of the Trancy manor finding nothing to do. All of the chores are finished,his highness is content,and the servants are in order. I continued walking only to encounter Hannah. Why must I set eyes on such a poor excuse for a demon. But she looked so innocent as she approached me,twiddling with her thumbs and biting her lip,she looked cute. What?! No that's just a silly thought nothing more. She then spoke in a weak voice.
"C-Claude my little sister wants to visit and become a maid here. Can she?Because she already has her mind set on the position and won't let it go and it would really be a help if you said yes." 
"If his highness agrees to it then yes. She looks like you I presume and what's her age?"
"Oh um. She actually gets her looks from her father so we actually look nothing alike and she is 13 in human years but she is a hard worker."
"I'll ask his highness about it." Hannah then smiled at me and left. Cute. I mean not cute. I walked over to his highness's study and knocked twice awaiting approval. A muffled 'come in' was heard and I opened the door. His highness was sitting in his chair bored as ever not caring if death was knocking on his door but I guess I am considered death. Oh whatever.
" Your majesty I would like to ask you on matters concerning the staff."
"Yes what is it?" Boredom dripped from his voice like venom from a snake.
"It appears as though Hannah's little sister would like to give her services as a maid." His eyes shot up in amusement to this and he grinned his sadistic grin.
"Hmm this will prove interesting and I have another servant to bother. Perfect! Hire her. It's been getting boring lately!" He exclaimed and hopefully this will prove interesting indeed.

(your Pov)
So this is the Trancy manor huh. Wow I think I'll like it here. I walked through the doors without knocking. What was the point, they should be expecting my arrival. I walked down the halls searching for my beloved big sister Hannah and to my pleasure I didn't have to search long because she found me.
"(y/n) what are you doing here?! You can't just walk in uninvited! It's rude!" Answering her question was the last thing on my mind. She has to answer mine!
"Hannah what happened to your eye?! I swear I will kill whoever did it and send them to hell personally." Her expression wavered as she told me the most ridiculous thing I've heard.
"His highness did,Earl Trancy. But I deserved it since I looked him in the eye and please don't hurt him. Just let me introduce you to the staff." Wait you lost an eye because you looked at him and you still want him in one piece. I'll get him back in my own way sis don't you worry. But I nodded since I did want to meet the people I'll have to spend my days with. 

We walked into the dining hall to see the triplets.
"Thompson!Timber!Canterbury!" I ran up and hugged all three of them. We already knew each other since they used to work for big sis. I really missed them because I always found their dirty humor funny and having them leave just left me heartbroken since Hannah did everything in her power to keep me away from them and their dirty minds when we were younger. They only just nodded at me and began whispering and I only heard parts of their conversation. 'Her boobs got bigger....yeah and her ass too....and her curves are in the right places...' I blushed uncontrollably since I thought I would never become an obsession of the triplets but why are they whispering?
"Uhh Hannah why are they..?"
"Claude,the head butler, told them to whisper since their potty mouths are unacceptable around nobles." I saw her blush at Claude and I instantly knew I had to tease her about it later. The door then burst open revealing a butler and a teenage boy. The triplets and big sis bowed much to my surprise as I quickly followed there example clumsily.

(Alois's POV)

Beautiful was the only word that crossed my mind as I laid my eyes on the (h/c). I visibly blushed at her cute bow. Could this girl be Hannah's sister? They look nothing alike. No! No! I can't possibly like her! I hate anything related to that pesky,useless maid. Even the triplets. Yes it will be quite interesting to see how long it takes before she breaks. I smirked evilly at the thought watching her bowing form.


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