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This story contains explicit language, sexual content, and depictions of domestic abuse and physical torture. If any of the aforementioned content is triggering or makes you uncomfortable in any way, please do not continue reading. While I am excited to provide a thrilling ride with lots of twists and turns along the way, I want to be upfront with any content that readers may find disturbing.




Declan had to lower his head in order to fit his large body through the door frame of the filthy makeshift hut. His broad shoulders scraped against the broken wood frame of the door as he crossed the threshold and towered over the cowards in front of him. Two men, if you could call them that, were situated on their knees with guns pointed at them from every direction.

Upon Declan's entrance one of the men started to scream and bargain for his life, knowing he was staring at the angel of death who was about to send him to meet his maker.

The sight of Declan often elicited that type of reaction. He was massive, muscular and merciless and walked in with the swagger of a seasoned killer.

The man offered Declan money, women, and pretty much anything else that he thought might help keep his blood inside his body instead of spilled across the dirty floor, but his efforts were futile. The wailing man was named Aamon. He ran a sex trafficking ring and his fate was sealed, no matter what disgusting prize he had to offer.

Declan coldly rolled his eyes at Aaron's performance before letting go of his rifle that hung across his chest and grabbing his glock from its holster.

"Enough." Declan's deep, irritated voice echoed through the room followed by two loud cracks from his gun.

Aamon's head snapped backwards as blood and  sprayed across the back wall before his body slumped forward, letting gravity complete his journey to the ground.

"HVT is down," Declan said into the mic on his throat, confirming that the high value target that they came for was dead. The only emotion he felt was relief and satisfaction that his team and rid the world of one more scumbag. No remorse, no guilt. He was a killing machine contracted by Knight Security for the skills ingrained in him during his time spent as a Navy Seal. He wasn't heartless by any means, but he had no sympathy for the assholes he was sent to kill. They were the scum of the earth and every kill was justified by their sick and sadistic crimes.

His team packed up their equipment and took all the necessary pictures to confirm the kill before heading back to be debriefed. As he removed his gear he couldn't help but think about the families of Aamon's victims who had just received a small amount of justice, but would probably never know it.

"What's on your mind, Boss?" Caleb asked as he loaded bags into the jeep.

"He's just thinking about all the tail we are going to catch in Vegas this week," Pierce answered for him, but couldn't have been more wrong.

"I'd be more concerned about what else you might catch in Vegas," Caleb joked, holding up a vial of penicillin from his medical bag.

A smug look and an extended middle finger was all Caleb got in return from Pierce as he dismantled his sniper rifle.

Declan's team was set to work a job in Las Vegas for the next seven days. It was a favor to their friend and teammate, Nate, who needed them to escort and babysit some expensive military grade equipment at a conference. Yes, they would technically be working a job, but it was going to be a cake walk and practically a mini vacation for the team.

To be honest, he would be lying if he said the mention of picking up women with his most trusted wingman hadn't piqued his interest. It was called Sin City after all, and swimming around in a sea of beautiful women for the next few days didn't sound half bad.

Both Pierce and Declan shared the same philosophy that there's no better way to get over a job than to get under a woman.

Damn, I need this vacation.


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Don't forget to vote and comment! I love hearing from you!

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