Becoming Human (Book 1, Exilon 5 Trilogy)

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Eliza Green By elizagreenbooks Completed
Two worlds. Two species. One terrifying secret.
    Earth is overcrowded and polluted.
    A new planet has been located.
    One species wants to colonise the new world.
    Another species stands in their way.
    A terrifying secret will change everything.
Love that has a lot of details! Is easier to imagine what's going on there 
                                    I'm whiter too here in Brazil. I love Sci-fi. I'm loving her story.
This is very well written, and I enjoyed how descriptive you made this chapter. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Can you BLAME them I mean good god if some alien race invaded earth and they were all, "Hey, sorry, it was either we die there or we live here soooo we need your planet now thanks," we would definitely fight them.
Just like a human - take another species' planet and feel entitled to control the species as well. *face palm*
Yes, and if someone doesn't know that by now... They need to use the Internet or expand their area of literature interests to Britain haha.