I’m an author from Dublin, Ireland. I spend my days working as an administrator and at night, I write, write, write.  I have been writing for several years now. I've worked in various jobs, but I always felt like I was missing something creative in my life. When I started writing, I discovered a hidden passion for the written word. 

In December 2012, I published my debut novel, BECOMING HUMAN, part one in the Exilon 5 trilogy. The Trilogy presents a future where overcrowding and global warming are serious problems and explores what happens when humans opt for the easiest solution.  

In December 2013, I published ALTERED REALITY, part two in the Exilon 5 Trilogy.. CRIMSON DAWN, Book 3 in the Trilogy, is on sale from 3rd October 2014.

My inspiration for the story comes from a long time love of science fiction TV shows and films. I also have a healthy (although not obsessive) love of technology and sciency stuff. I prefer interaction over innovation, which is why my series is very character-driven. When I’m not writing, you can find me reading or at the cinema or using Zumba Fitness and trying (or failing) to look as if I’ve danced all my life.

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Becoming Human (Book 1) Direct Amazon Link: http://smarturl.it/uo0kzr
Altered Reality (Book 2) Direct Amazon Link: http://smarturl.it/fqruq0
Crimson Dawn (Book 3) Direct Amazon Link http://smarturl.it/xlunis
All other stores: http://elizagreenbooks.com/buy-my-books/

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Altered Reality (Book 2, Exilon 5 Trilogy) EXCERPT

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Description: Being different is accepted. Being special could get you killed. The Indigene Stephen is forced to leave Earth without Anton, who is captured by the military. On his journey back to Exilon 5, he’s haunted by a series of disturbing dreams. Are the...

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Becoming Human (Book 1, Exilon 5 Trilogy)

Becoming Human (Book 1, Exilon 5 Trilogy)

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Two worlds. Two species. One terrifying secret. Earth is overcrowded and polluted. A new planet has bee...

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