Talk About the Direct Approach...

Picture this: One day, you’re sitting on your porch when you spot a gorgeous guy stepping out of a car. You’re in your pajamas with noodles hanging out of your mouth when he sees you. The next thing you know, the sexy stranger is kidnapping you. Fun? Not exactly. What if you later found out you were destined to be his mate, which is his reason for kidnapping you? Talk about the direct approach… *NOTE: Not a One Direction story*
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I think I love you. 
Pizza is just...simply amazing!
I've actually made a poem about it.
Wow he doesn't even care that Trina is literally STANDING RIGHT THERE and he just grabs Alexis.Like hello.Explain stuff or kidnap later on...
Hey this me with my food move a finger near it I be all MINE ALL MINE *growls haha lol
I FREAKING LOVE SPONGEBOB!!! I will follow anyone if the know what episode sponge said "Weeshnaw" I'll give you a hint. MYSTERY
I'm a kicker and a biter •—•

I'll let your imagination figure the thing I would've done
I don't hVe a sister or brother but my uncle throws boxes of condoms at my face and wakes me up by sitting on top of me •–• the love is real

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