Talk About the Direct Approach...

Picture this: One day, you’re sitting on your porch when you spot a gorgeous guy stepping out of a car. You’re in your pajamas with noodles hanging out of your mouth when he sees you. The next thing you know, the sexy stranger is kidnapping you. Fun? Not exactly. What if you later found out you were destined to be his mate, which is his reason for kidnapping you? Talk about the direct approach… *NOTE: Not a One Direction story*
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Suggestion: the writing seemed a little too formal here--especially with the use of "therefore"--it broke up flow and made it a little choppy
I used to love them....but I burned out on eating them so now everytime I smell them I want to throw up....
@AlexaSN aw thks I kinda understood after reading the book but it's really nice of you to explain thks a lot :)
@EAB324    IKR!! and he coild be all awkward and cute and adorable!! sorry I really thought this through
I never actually understood the wolves breeds and packs and all that stuff probably it sounds kinda complicated.
I hope it's a classic 60's era stang.  The new ones are trash compared to the originals.

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