Talk About the Direct Approach...

Picture this: One day, you’re sitting on your porch when you spot a gorgeous guy stepping out of a car. You’re in your pajamas with noodles hanging out of your mouth when he sees you. The next thing you know, the sexy stranger is kidnapping you. Fun? Not exactly. What if you later found out you were destined to be his mate, which is his reason for kidnapping you? Talk about the direct approach… *NOTE: Not a One Direction story*
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@tattoostuxedos my reaction exactly -.- I don't get what's so appealing about vampires and wolves and shit
Maybe I should try picking up guys by dressing as a slob and eating ramen noodles
it was the noodle fumes...wafted all the way over to can't resist them!
permanent shut down of the eyes whenever a female of possible attraction is in the vicinity...
eh some like to meet the love of their life in diamond and silk; you prefer the casual approach, draped in PJ's and noodles!
lets go with noodle fumes...then if it is magic in the air, you can be pleasantly surprised rather than bitterly disappointed...

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