The Shadow of a Hero by fantazy0fanatic
The Shadow of a Hero by Insanity Fanfiction
Nico and the Avengers "You're an avenger." "Yes; why does it matter?" "I'm going to help you and your friends." "I don't think my...
Ephemeral by wingless_butterflies
Ephemeral by 《Val [haitus]》 Fanfiction
Bonus chapters of the Nevah Vis series. Book 1- Confluent [completed] Book 2 - Imperable [completed] Book 3 - Torrent [on hold]
▪The Flash/PJO Crossover ~ Rʊռռɨռɢ tɦʀօʊɢɦ աatɛʀ  by readingisapriority
▪The Flash/PJO Crossover ~ Rʊռռɨռɢ... by Cam Cam Fanfiction
Cover by SpotBlueTiger : Takes place right after Season 2 Episode 1: When Percy finally thought he was going home, he is swept away (literally) to a world (s) of metah...
Percy Jackson Preferences by All_These_Feels
Percy Jackson Preferences by Starchild Fanfiction
Includes Percy, Jason, Leo, Nico, and Frank. I don't own the characters. I can add others (Connor/Travis, Octavian, Grover etc.) later if requested. You can also leave p...
What Can I Do Now? Percy Jackson x Avengers Crossover by Bananasrule123
What Can I Do Now? Percy Jackson x... by Pam. Fanfiction
They are all gone. Leo Hazel Frank Piper Jason Annabeth... All killed during the Second Giant War. I couldn't do anything but watch as they all got killed one by one. I...
PJ and HP: The Final Chapter by spidermans_crybaby
PJ and HP: The Final Chapter by Rachel💜 Fanfiction
The seven, Nico, Will, Clarisse, Chris and the Stolls are back for one more mission. Hogwarts! With another prophecy, 4 new friends, and Gaea and Kronos rising, how will...
Nico x Will by Noods4Noodles
Nico x Will by Noodles Fanfiction
A cute Nico x Will fan fiction for all you people who wanted to see the two together XD. It takes place right after 'The Blood of Olympus' Enjoy! Oh, snap, After the Tra...
The Abilities (Percy Jackson Meets Linh Song)-By TheNamelessGroupof2 by TheNamelessGroupof2
The Abilities (Percy Jackson Meets... by TheNamelessGroupof2 Fanfiction
When Percy Jackson, from book series The Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Linh Song, from the book series, Keeper of the Lost Cities meet, the...
NO TURNING BACK: Percy Jackson-SHEILD's Super Soldier by FunWriter
NO TURNING BACK: Percy Jackson-SHE... by MFS Fanfiction
SEQUEL TO: PERCY JACKSON-HYDRA'S SUPER SOLDIER. READ THAT FIRST IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ The Avengers and SHIELD are...
No One Ever Told Me Pirates Were Hot (Theyna) by Nico_is_epic
No One Ever Told Me Pirates Were H... by Biting Words Fanfiction
(A Theyna Work)Thalia Grace is a soldier in the Queen of England's Navy. The Queen, known as Hera, has trapped her in serving her for twenty years, but when on Thalia's...
The Heroes Of Olympus/Percy Jackson Gender Swapped by DaFattestKatwiEver
The Heroes Of Olympus/Percy Jackso... by Hola People Adventure
Some charecters are gender swapped some aren't Leo Valdez(male) = Leona Valdez (female) Nico Di Angelo(male)= Nico Di Angelo (female) Travis Stoll (male)= Taylor Stoll (...
The Lost Brother (a Percy Jackson/HOO fanfic) by cristyreads
The Lost Brother (a Percy Jackson... by cristyreads Fanfiction
When his mother died, Leo Valdez went from foster home to foster home but what if he stayed in one? What if he got snatched away and memories wiped by Hera when it was...
Percabeth: True Love by KatnissKPopp
Percabeth: at the Beach by IaminlovewithPercyJ
Percabeth: at the Beach by Keeley_ab21 Fanfiction
~Completed~ ⚠️ WARNING⚠️ I wrote this a few years ago when I was younger so I don't believe it's my best. It's okay if you'd like to read it! Please give me feedback! I'...
Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): Harry Potter and Percy Jackson by mixitupfanfic
Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): H... by mixitupfanfic Fanfiction
When Harry and Percy both receive a note inviting them to a spin the bottle strip game, they must choose whether or not to go. Will their worlds collide?
Percy Jackson And The Avengers  by MaddieStormHeart
Percy Jackson And The Avengers by Maddie Fanfiction
Everyone is dead. The rest of the 7. His parents. Nico and Thalia. Percy goes to the city to try and forget his grief when he runs into the Avengers. But one doctor is i...
Prince of the Universe (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by greekmarauders
Prince of the Universe (Percy Jack... by greekmarauders Fanfiction
As a result of defeating Gaea, Olympus lost a loyal hero. This hero just happens to be Percy Jackson. While in Elysium, the creator of the universe, also known as Chaos...
Simple Reasons on Why I Hate You by Rose_Noir
Simple Reasons on Why I Hate You by Icon Army Fanfiction
Charming and bad-boy supreme Leo Valdez finally meets a girl. One he cant stand, that is. Often they catch themselves in the same room and instantly the air is tense. Wh...
The lost story of Percabeth by IngridTheFangirl
The lost story of Percabeth by Fangirl forever Fanfiction
The story takes place after the action in Trials of Apollo (The Hidden Oracle, cause I can't know about the others yet). Percy and Annabeth are 22 years old. Percy propo...
Goode High School Reads Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series by Percy_Jackson_Fan03