This is a canon story! The Heroes of Olympus fanfiction.
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Simple Reasons on Why I Hate You [EDITING] by Rose_Noir
Simple Reasons on Why I Hate You [ Icon Army
Charming and bad-boy supreme Leo Valdez finally meets a girl. One he cant stand, that is. Often they catch themselves in the same room and instantly the air is tense. Wh...
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Charlotte Jackson and the Year of Truth by MikhaelaDustin
Charlotte Jackson and the Year Mikhaela Dustin
Charlotte Jackson is a major fangirl, not content with being ordinary. Her favorites are all the Percy Jackson books. What happens if the worlds, the people, she thought...
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Tutor//Percabeth AU by percabethlover2040
Tutor//Percabeth AUby percabethlover2040
Percy Jackson is the popular jock at school. Annabeth Chase is the sweet and quiet nerd. What happens when fate makes them meet?
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Short Stories by IIClaraOliverGreyII
Short Storiesby Daughter of Apollo 7
Jedi? Demigods? Avengers? Shadowhunters? High functioning sociopaths? Tributes? Runners? They've all joined together to create this one epic fanfiction where all of my s...
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Born a Roman, Die a Roman by Festus_is_happy
Born a Roman, Die a Romanby Happy the Dragon
*THIS BOOK WILL MENTION MAJOR BURNING MAZE SPOILERS. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BURNING MAZE* - - - - - 'Born a Roman' a ghostly voice seemed to whisper in his...
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Percy Jackson meets The Avengers by Infinity_Imagined
Percy Jackson meets The Avengersby Aumi
Percy is ready to leave the world when all he cares about collapses, leaving him alone and heartbroken. But a problem arises when the avengers are sure Percy is a terror...
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Ephemeral by wingless_butterflies
Ephemeralby Lux Juniper
Bonus chapters of the Nevah Vis series. Book 1- Confluent [completed] Book 2 - Imperable [completed] Book 3 - Torrent [on hold]
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Percy jackson Zodiacs by ChrisisNutella
Percy jackson Zodiacsby Chris Dubay delaura
I decided to do this because...Why not?
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Running Through Water (UNDER REVISION) by readingisapriority
Running Through Water (UNDER cas
[CURRENTLY EDITING. FIRST CHAPTER UP.] [during earth 2 events, post-hoo and trials of apollo referenced] "When Percy came home, he thought the Giant War would be th...
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calmer waters ༄ pjo one shots by hvrcrux
calmer waters ༄ pjo one shotsby ⋆ nay ⋆
in which i fantasize about my favorite ships from the pjo/hoo/toa series and give you one shots to satisfy everything uncle rick didn't.
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Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): Harry Potter and Percy Jackson by mixitupfanfic
Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): mixitupfanfic
When Harry and Percy both receive a note inviting them to a spin the bottle strip game, they must choose whether or not to go. Will their worlds collide?
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Scott Kaiser vs. The Angry Oven by BrennanHuggins
Scott Kaiser vs. The Angry Ovenby Brennan Huggins
It's only been a month since Scott, Mira, and Connor have returned from their quest to save Eos. However, it seems Nyx and the primordial gods are pissed enough to send...
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Apollo by redfairyqueen
Apolloby 👑Red Queen👑
When Anna Flare the daughter of Athena and Legacy of Hermes returns to Camp Half Blood after 2 years thinking it will be a regular summer but boy was she wrong. Instead...
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The Shadow of a Hero by fantazy0fanatic
The Shadow of a Heroby Insanity
Nico and the Avengers Fanfiction: Ultron is at large and has joined forces with the greek monsters and Hephaestus's newest inventions gone wrong. The Avengers need help...
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Amazing Headcanons by TheDamFandom26
Amazing Headcanonsby .•♫•Celosia•♫•.
Percy Jackson related headcanons! Not all are mine, so credit to any headcanon!
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The Terrible Twins by BeebicaNation
The Terrible Twinsby BeebicaNation
It all began with a pair a twins. They have been by each other's side since birth. Rune and Belle are the daughters of Percy and Annabeth. They got the powers the gods...
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The Unknowns - A Camp Half-Blood Fanfic by that_dam_praetor
The Unknowns - A Camp Half-Blood That Dam Praetor
An Unknown-a title given to any god or goddess who has not been known to have demigod children...yet. Six children of Unknowns coincidentally meet up and find their way...
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The Commanders Of Chaos; Guardians Of The Universe by AnimeLover9027
The Commanders Of Chaos; AnimeLover¥
Percy has had enough of Camp Half-Blood... everything became so suckish in a matter of 3 months all thanks to this Son Of Hecate named A.J. At first everything was fine...
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NO TURNING BACK: Percy Jackson-SHEILD's Super Soldier by FunWriter
SEQUEL TO: PERCY JACKSON-HYDRA'S SUPER SOLDIER. READ THAT FIRST IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ The Avengers and SHIELD are...
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