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Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles: The Beginning by SilentHuntress24
Percy Jackson and the Kane SilentHuntress24
Percy Jackson's crew goes to a high school in Brooklyn to find out about the strange magic reportings. The crew from Brooklyn house begin high school. What will happen w...
𝑆𝑇𝐴𝑅𝑆 𝐴𝐵𝑂𝑉𝐸 || 𝐾.𝐶. by Maddie
Melody had lived with her sister and father in peace until she was four, then the freak plant accident happened. But she found a home with the Kanes, who had taken a tri...
PERCY ( plot shop. ) by riordancommunity
PERCY ( plot shop. )by ❝ GHOST KING! ❞
Harry Potter and the Greek Gods by StarryPaws18
Harry Potter and the Greek Godsby Diana
The only contact Harry has had with Dumbledore all summer, is a decrepit note reading 'Be kind to strangers'. Meanwhile, the seven plus Nico, Clarisse and Calypso receiv...
My Boyfriend is a Demigod? by PJOperson18
My Boyfriend is a Demigod?by T
What if Jason Grace bumped into a special someone on a rainy night in San Francisco, California? What if that special someone was Percy Jackson? Both have their secrets...
The Shadowhunter's Codex by haunted-by-humans
The Shadowhunter's Codexby haunted-by-humans
Here's my own little take on all of the tips, tricks, and what's-it's of The Shadowhunter Chronicles (TMI, IDS, BC, TDA, SA, TLH & TWP). All are of course written by the...
Just Another Sanubis Love Story! #WattyAwards2016 by Lindsey7618
Just Another Sanubis Love Story! Leanna
Well, like the title suggest, it's Just Another Sanubis Love Story! Please read! Chapter three and four up! Lot's of Sanubis, lot's of Zarter. Add in some Felissa (Alyss...
Just Mortals (Rick Riordan FanFic) by Athenian17
Just Mortals (Rick Riordan FanFic)by Athenian17
Have you ever felt left out or felt the urge to do something that other people say you can't? Have you ever seen a problem yet aren't allowed to fix it? And what happens...
if you fell asleep on *riordanverse character* by sometimeskatara
if you fell asleep on * 🔹ezzy🔹
basically this is a book of (eventually) 50 one shots about what would happen if you fell asleep on a riordanverse character. rn it's mainly pjo/hoo but feel free to req...
[ON HOLD] ❝Oh, shoot, that's cliche.❞ Hi! It's Sadie here! I'm supposed to tell you Wattpaders about the time I went to school, with my brother, because the author sa...
Sadie Kane: Broken by Percyisafish
Sadie Kane: Brokenby Sadie and Riley
This story takes place three years after the Serpents Shadow. So, Sadie is going to be turning sixteen in two days. She dreads her birthday because she always remembers...
Jace Irons: The Shard of Chaos by Havvoc
Jace Irons: The Shard of Chaosby Havvoc
Jace Irons is a riveting story about a teenage demigod which takes place in the Percy Jackson Universe and is filled to the brim with Rick Riordan-style action and adven...
What The Hades? | A PJO Rant Book by goddessofwisdom-
What The Hades? | A PJO Rant Bookby athena
In which I use my snark and sarcasm as a way to express my childhood love - and exasperation - for the worlds and fandoms of Rick Riordan. [ a percy jackson and the olym...
Camp Half-Blood one-shots by the_thirteenth_queen
Camp Half-Blood one-shotsby ¢ℓσѕєтє∂ вα∂αѕѕ
Camp half blood is not always what it seems. Everything must end. No matter how precious. Now whether it is a camper's life or a birthday party, you'll have to read and...
Wizards, Magicians And The Gods (A Rick Riordan And J.K.R. Crossover) by Anaklusmos_15
Wizards, Magicians And The Gods ( Hylla Amazon
Percy was on a mission with Leo to escort demigod twins from Georgia, when they get ambushed on their way back. Percy manages to send Leo and the twins on their way but...
Funny Riordanverse Stuff by jxsminedrxgon
Funny Riordanverse Stuffby ༄⊱𝙖𝙗𝙗𝙮
just your average funny fandom stuff if you love uncle rick, you're bound to love this :)
Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles by Yousra_Omar
Percy Jackson and The Kane Yousra_Omar
After The Son of Sobek and the Staff of Serapis. Percy , Annabeth , Carter and Sadie found out that the two worlds, The Greek gods and The Egyptain gods need to work tog...
My Opinion on Ships by KatieMossman
My Opinion on Shipsby Katie Mossman
Just what the title says I am giving my opinion on ships from various fandoms. I'm not trying to convince you not to ship these ships, I'm just saying what I think of th...
Immortality (A Sadie and Anubis fanfic) by Luhmos
Immortality (A Sadie and Anubis Ashley
What if Sadie never picked Walt? What if she picked only Anubis? This story is an alternate ending to the story. All the characters belong to Rick Riordan. I am...
A Second Chance: A Percy Jackson Harry Potter and Kane Chronicles CROSSOVER by ChloeCGS
A Second Chance: A Percy Jackson Chloe Smith
The demigods, wizards, and magicians, have been in a living hell since they found out about their true identities. They all come together and start a new life, A SECOND...