Stay (A Sheo fanfiction) by cuteasbutton
Stay (A Sheo fanfiction) by Kote. Fanfiction
"The most painful thing Is losing yourself in the process of loving Someone too much, and Forgetting that you Are special too" - Ernest Hemingway Shailen...
Brooklyn by distressedwriter
Brooklyn by elizabeth ※ Fanfiction
Theo James is living solo in his cozy studio sized apartment when one early, early, morning there's a knock on his door. He grumbles- because who likes getting up that e...
Divergent High by minniehaya
Divergent High by Hiddendivergents Fanfiction
A fanfiction about the main characters from The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. All About Tris Prior and her adventures through Divergent High. Tris is a victim of bu...
Her Life with the Prince (Completed) by PhoenixEun
Her Life with the Prince (Complete... by Phoenix Eun Romance
She was Shirley, a Certified Public Accountant who had a big problem in terms of money. She needed money to help her family escape the poverty they were suffering. Her j...
KHU by sheo_fourtris_
KHU by Becky Fanfiction
Shailene Woodley and Theo James have been friends ever since they met each other on the first screening day. Actually, more than friends. Shailene is confused on her fee...
Fourtris Oneshots by moll46
Fourtris Oneshots by molly Fanfiction
basically what the title says. credits to V.R for the characters. :) (thank you @-voidallison for the tutorial for my cover!)
Decisions by divergentascendant
Decisions by The Divergent Series Fanfiction
Theo James is engaged. What if that changes. His feelings, his thoughts, his emotions. He will have to make choices. Will it lead him in the right direction or will he k...
Look At What You've Done | A Sheo Fanfiction by crystallizedsnow
Look At What You've Done | A Sheo... by Crystal Snowflakes Fanfiction
She dreams to be world's best chef He has big passion for music She's working on her dream at her family's restaurant He's busy becoming a famous young CEO One day, one...
Broken by divergentascendant
Broken by The Divergent Series Adventure
Shailene was sent to rehab since she couldn't deal with the loss of her parents and her brother. She would never leave her room; she would just tuck herself away in the...
Lost//finding l.h by wastedlrh
Lost//finding l.h by ♡ Fanfiction
Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood were the best of friends.What will happen when Calum finds out Luke is missing?
Blossom  by DauntlessWarrior4
Blossom by DauntlessWarrior4 Fanfiction
The Second Book of Mr. James. If you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you go read that one before this one! Shailene and Theo are starting to realize their...
How a family starts by tarabozi
How a family starts by Tara Bozickovic Fanfiction
This is a story about how Shailene and Theo run a family. It gets hard at times, but it's all worth it in the end. But I promise, there is no kidnap or whatever in this...
~Sheo~ It Takes Time {ON HOLD} by CharmedWords
~Sheo~ It Takes Time {ON HOLD} by Dude Fanfiction
Shailene and Theo take on the challenges of raising a family.
Sheo by divergentascendant
Sheo by The Divergent Series Fanfiction
Shailene Woodley is auditioning for the Divergent Series. What will happen when Theo James walks into her life?
Dauntless Devotions by sheo_fourtris_
Dauntless Devotions by Becky Fanfiction
[I WROTE THIS IN 2013/8TH GRADE DONT JUDGE] What if the ending of Divergent was different? What if there was no Abnegation/Erudite war? What if Tris and Tobias had a cha...
Mr. James by DauntlessWarrior4
Mr. James by DauntlessWarrior4 Fanfiction
Theo James starts his fourth year teaching Philosophy at a college in London. He thinks this year is going to be a normal year until he meets a freshman named Shailene W...
Sheo as lovers ♡ by ricepuddinwriter
Sheo as lovers ♡ by иιккι♥︎ Romance
Okay so you may know shai and theo are really close friends right? But what if one of them develops feelings for one another? Shai doesn't like to date her co-stars but...
Divergent High by HahahaFandomskillme
Divergent High by HahahaFandomskillme Fanfiction
Beatrice Prior is starting a new school in Chicago, Illinois when she moves out of her family's home. When moving in, she meets new friends, new enemy's, and new boys?
When Joshifer Adopted Us by missmysterious56
When Joshifer Adopted Us by insane fangirl Fanfiction
this is currently under major editing but feel free to read because the edits/updates have been fairly regular as of late This is the story of two best friends who's liv...
Agents of the Forgotten Faction by tiff_any
Agents of the Forgotten Faction by tiff_any Fanfiction
What if Divergent wasn't really what you thought? The Bureau of Genetic Warfare doesn't exist and in place we have the sixth faction, The Forgotten Faction. It is here t...