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Divergent High by she0bab3s
Divergent Highby ~April~
The fanfic is based on the Divergent characters' experience at Divergent High!! -- The new girl, Tris is new to Divergent High and she meets a group of friends. But, to...
~ Dauntless Born~ a Four~Tris story           Slow Updates by blondebookworm406
~ Dauntless Born~ a Four~Tris Amy Marie
What if Tris was dauntless born and Zeke and Uriahs' sister? Find out what it would be like in Dauntless Born!
The Choice by allegiant64
The Choiceby MyBabyBat
Divergent fanfiction. Tris and Tobias meet when Tris is 14 and Tobias is 16 and about to choose faction. Tris then has to decide whether she want to join him or not, bu...
Dauntless Unbreakable by theoscake2
Dauntless Unbreakableby Brooke
Tris and Tobias have been living in the same apartment for about 2 months. There relationship gets complicated after a while. Will they last? Read more to find out!
From abnegation to dauntless (FATD) || ✓ Completed by tonystarkisirondad
From abnegation to dauntless ( ily 300
A Divergent fanficion In this fanfiction, Tris and Tobias meet in Abnegation. The basic plot of Divergent, Tris transferring to Dauntless and her and Four falling in lov...
Divergent High: Twisted Love  by tb10406
Divergent High: Twisted Love by tb10406
A divergent high school story. Where Six is well known and popular but has her own secrets. Four is the new kid will he be able to get with Six the hottest girl on schoo...
ActuallyOddPlan Scenarios +Danplan by NoMyGuy
ActuallyOddPlan Scenarios +Danplanby Gay Boi
You may read the title. Also, this is made for females, but you can change it if you wish. Okay, thank you soooo much for 1k reads! Author-San really appreciates it...
bully. |D.SWING| by babyjodeci
bully. |D.SWING|by baby.jodeci
Read it bitch you'll enjoy ☺️
Stay With Me by thisiskatrina
Stay With Meby thisiskatrina
"Are you scared of me?" I break the silence. "Terrified." For a second his dark eyes are on mine, and he's quiet. Then he touches my face and leans...
Memories and Possibilities.  by OneWhomReads
Memories and Possibilities. by One who reads
Shailene Woodley and Theo James have been great friends for the past 5 years. They are there for each other through filming and life's ups and downs. They look back and...
still Dauntless?(A sequel to FATD) by tonystarkisirondad
still Dauntless?(A sequel to FATD)by ily 300
A Divergent fanfiction, sequel to FATD, even though this is a sequel, this is an independent story as well, so reading FATD before this is not necessary „Positive. I'm...
You're my favorite song ❤️ by Shanti1st
You're my favorite song ❤️by Shanti1st
Meet 23 year old Park Jimin of a popular boyband BTS. A young k-pop artist that is one of many who has stolen the hearts of many worldwide. He is also the heir of Ping...
XU Series #1: The Campus Bully Queen by InfiniteFlameyy
XU Series #1: The Campus Bully IAM_SKNM
The first series of Xill University. Meet Azeilyn Xill Hatico.....your evil queen....she's the... Campus Beauty, Campus Queen Bully, Campus Crush, and the grandaughter...
I'm Never Leaving by dauntless_teen
I'm Never Leavingby JR
A Sheo fanfic that includes love, heartbreaks, honesty, jealousy and everything a normal relationship has. But, Shailene Woodley and Theo James aren't a normal couple. T...
Spirited Away 2 : A Promise to Keep (Fan made) by RandomRaindow24
Spirited Away 2 : A Promise to Laurel the weeb
"Wait, will I see you again?" "Sure you will" "You promise?" "I promise. Now go, and don't look back" ....And that's when she lef...
Sheo FanFic - It Must Be Real by DivergentInspired
Sheo FanFic - It Must Be Realby DivergentInspired
The Insurgent cast is halfway through filming Insurgent when Theo breaks up with Ruth. It's sudden and unexpected. A different kind of relationship buds between Shailene...
It was like everything was going in slow motion, once the sound of gunshots were off into the air of the Mr.Johnson's Roller Rink, bodies scurried but I was still in sho...
Sheo: Forever and Always by i_demigod_dare_you
Sheo: Forever and Alwaysby Anna
This is a story about Shailene woodly and Theo James. These two unlikely partners might just become lovers. Sorry im bad at descriptions.
quick story by dontbeshyputsummore
quick storyby DADDY DEVITO
quick random stories since i can't think of a good one. if u guys rly like one comment and i will try to see if i could do a official book on that one!!!