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This Is It [Book 1]*Re-Writing* by kkleshai
This Is It [Book 1]*Re-Writing*by Kaitlyn Le'Shai
Your parents are always on a buisness trip and you have no clue who MB is untill your bestfriend Morgan takes you to a concert and to a Meet & Greet.. You guys start won...
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It was like everything was going in slow motion, once the sound of gunshots were off into the air of the Mr.Johnson's Roller Rink, bodies scurried but I was still in sho...
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Nurse looking for love (jai Courtney romance) by JenniferWhitley
Nurse looking for love (jai JaiCourtneyFanGirl
Shai's big sister comes to visit from Kenya. with her comes some laughs, drama and romance. lots of sheo moments and Jai Courtney.
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bully. |D.SWING| by babyjodeci
bully. |D.SWING|by baby.jodeci
Read it bitch you'll enjoy ☺️
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Sheo as lovers ♡ by ricepuddinwriter
Sheo as lovers ♡by иιккι♥︎
Okay so you may know shai and theo are really close friends right? But what if one of them develops feelings for one another? Shai doesn't like to date her co-stars but...
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Sheo's Story by justsheothings
Sheo's Storyby JustSheoThings
We all know Shailene Woodley and Theo James have undeniable chemistry on set, but what if that chemistry moved to their private lives? Would they have a flawless relatio...
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Sheo: Falling For You by theojamesisbaeaf
Sheo: Falling For Youby Mrs_Taptiklis👑
Shailene and Theo are facing the fact that the divergent series is over. What happens when they start to fall for one another? #Covers are accepted #
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Memories and Possibilities.  by OneWhomReads
Memories and Possibilities. by One who reads
Shailene Woodley and Theo James have been great friends for the past 5 years. They are there for each other through filming and life's ups and downs. They look back and...
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An Extra Member by divergentrules04
An Extra Memberby divergentrules04
One night can change your entire life.
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Ask The DPC99 (DanPlan Canada 99) by 00Keys00
Ask The DPC99 (DanPlan Canada 99)by Keys
Asks are open! Well we also have a bit of the stories if the 99 as well uwu
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Sheo: Our Journey to Love by Japril_Sheo
Sheo: Our Journey to Loveby ~ Clairvoyance ~
Theo and Shai have always had feeling for each other, and now it is time to make a story about their love. ( bad description , I didn't know what to write...... sorry)
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From abnegation to dauntless (FATD) || ✓ Completed by tonystarkisirondad
From abnegation to dauntless ( ily 300
A Divergent fanficion In this fanfiction, Tris and Tobias meet in Abnegation. The basic plot of Divergent, Tris transferring to Dauntless and her and Four falling in lov...
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Spirited Away 2 : A Promise to Keep (Fan made) by RandomRaindow24
Spirited Away 2 : A Promise to Laurel the weeb
"Wait, will I see you again?" "Sure you will" "You promise?" "I promise. Now go, and don't look back" ....And that's when she lef...
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~ Dauntless Born~ a Four~Tris story           Slow Updates by blondebookworm406
~ Dauntless Born~ a Four~Tris Amy Marie
What if Tris was dauntless born and Zeke and Uriahs' sister? Find out what it would be like in Dauntless Born!
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Us Against The World by dauntless_teen
Us Against The Worldby JR
** Sheo Fanfic **Shailene Woodley has had a crush on Theo James since they started filming Divergent together. It's pretty obvious Theo likes Shailene too. But, will the...
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Juntos por siempre y para siempre (después de leal) by jirubi
Juntos por siempre y para Rubí
Tobías Todo lo veo inútil desde que mi Tris se fue, nunca creí sentir algo así por alguien y creo que las personas se aprovechan de ello ya que Caleb a la estado muy so...
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Sheo FanFic - It Must Be Real by DivergentInspired
Sheo FanFic - It Must Be Realby DivergentInspired
The Insurgent cast is halfway through filming Insurgent when Theo breaks up with Ruth. It's sudden and unexpected. A different kind of relationship buds between Shailene...
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Safe Heaven by Fatima-Altaweel
Safe Heavenby Fatima-Altaweel
"I'm in love with you. If you stay, I promise, there's no safer place in the world than right here with me."
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All Of Me//Sheo by divergently_sheo_46
All Of Me//Sheoby Jessie Edwards
Shai and Theo are reunited for the filming of Insurgent. Now while both of them are in relationships, is that enough to keep their feelings for the other away? Or do the...
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