One-Shots Erotica by SharkyWave
One-Shots Eroticaby SharkyWave
- Erotic One-Shots - R-rated mature content. - Here you can different sorts of sex stories.
  • erotic
  • r-rated
  • mature
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One-Shots Erotica: Book 2 by SharkyWave
One-Shots Erotica: Book 2by SharkyWave
BOOK 2 - Erotic One-Shots - R-rated mature content. - Here you can different sorts of sex stories.
  • sexy
  • 18
  • one-shots
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Something About Vivian by Bunny_Cloyd
Something About Vivianby Bunny
Vivian is a model that is the face of The Darkest Shade, a new campaign that was launched to showcase models with dark skin. She has been married for 10 years to her hi...
  • sexual-gifs
  • private-chapters
  • r-rated
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The Business Woman  by xojuicexo
The Business Woman by xojuicexo
During the day she's just a college student working hard to earn a degree, but at night she's a prostitute working hard to earn cash.
  • professor
  • teacherxstudent
  • urban
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THE DUKE'S REVENGE by Serenitybabsy
THE DUKE'S REVENGEby Souad Baaba Andoh
Cold hearted Cruel Heartless The duke of Castor was all this and more. He was the devil himself. He owned the town he ruled and everyone in it and ruled he did with an i...
  • cruel
  • human
  • castor
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DILF by Pepsicola69
DILFby Pepsicola69
Dad I'd Like To Fuck It's that simple
  • rrated
  • dad
  • daddykink
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His Property Only by kaylatorie
His Property Onlyby kally torie
Anya Alicia Davidson,A 25 year old single woman. She never thought of finding anyone,she was too busy on herself. Always having fun with her best friend Carissa Fentez...
  • dishonesty
  • bestfriends
  • sexscenes
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My Guilty Pleasure  by justmine_luver_143_
My Guilty Pleasure by Ezabel Nena
Meet Dani...Dani Marella. Your down-to-earth 17 year-old chick who rolls sass, sarcasm, and stubbornness into one. People believe her face to be one found on a magazine...
  • rrated
  • lovestory
  • romance
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Animal||° (Teacher❌Student) by used2care
Animal||° (Teacher❌Student)by I used to care...
I shall have you, Brook. It's not a matter of whether you want me. You'll just have to take me, all of me. *{WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT}*
  • oneshots
  • bxb
  • school
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The Wolf Beneath | The Wolf Series #1 | by PrettyInPinkJessicaa
The Wolf Beneath | The Wolf Series...by PrettyInPinkJessicaa
Nola Edmond finds herself at breaking point. She's had enough of her troublesome pack and her overbearing brothers and right about now she could just happily pack up her...
  • blood
  • r-rated
  • darkromance
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Against This World by MissBridgetAnn
Against This Worldby Bridget Ann
In a world stricken and ravaged by an ultra deadly virus, Jordan Matthews must figure out how to survive to the best of her abilities. Her life is full of sorrow and pai...
  • adult
  • violence
  • apocalypse
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This story is about park yuna who will have to spend the rest of her summer with her new uncle.. hoshi. New uncle due to the reason that her father married hoshi's siste...
  • minghao
  • romance
  • love
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A Second Chance Or Not by orupatricia
A Second Chance Or Notby orupatricia
Olivia Ena after a rough life, environment and love life decided to move forward forgetting her past but Terrence Toju the painful crookedness of her past love life came...
  • romance
  • iamanigerian
  • forgiveness
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Dating a Professor by darnellij
Dating a Professorby Darla Tverdohleb / Darlene Bo...
By Amber Stone A couple of erotic stories of two college women - Tori and Eva - who date drop-dead gorgeous professors.
  • erotic
  • r-rated
  • professor
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Monsta X One shots by monbebe-fantasies
Monsta X One shotsby monbebe-fantasies
I fantasise about Monsta X all the time so here's some one shots on all of the characters, they range from PG-rated to R-rated scenes. You'll get to imagine Jooheon rapp...
  • shownu
  • fantasizing
  • kihyun
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Finding Little Parker by amandalee14
Finding Little Parkerby amandalee14
Cameron and Jaike were walking in the park with their newly engaged friends, although they don't get along they were putting everything aside so this wedding could go of...
  • fostercare
  • jaike
  • baby
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Nothing But A Slave by coralily02
Nothing But A Slaveby Superherogossip12
(Omegaverse Eren is an omega Levi Alpha ) Eren has been a Slave most of his life for his father, Grisha, the man made him do all the chores and made sure he knew who wa...
  • lévi
  • slave
  • rrated
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Erotic One Shots by RandomHyperness
Erotic One Shotsby RandomHyperness
Rated Mature. Not suitable for under 18s. Erotic one shots created with the intention of creating pleasure and enjoyment for the readers Requests are open and I will att...
  • over18
  • oneshotcollection
  • erotic
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The Temptress by LunettasEclipse333
The Temptressby *Melody*
"I wouldn't do that love" "And just why not?" I said enraged as I howled and screamed pleads of help into the stale air of the dungeon from t...
  • love
  • evangeline
  • master
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Kidnapped by xthewanteddx
Kidnappedby xthewanteddx
Warning: Vulgar language
  • kidnapped
  • ratedr
  • rrated
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