My Boyfriend's Sister by gracie_lxpez
My Boyfriend's Sisterby g r a c i e
(PART ONE OF TWO) Jennifer, a young and beautiful girl from the suburbs of New York, is engaged to the love of her life, Danny. The two have been together for many year...
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[BH] [EDIT - Hoàn] Chủ Tịch Đang Viết Chữ - Bình Quả Nhất Sinh Thôi by Totenkun
[BH] [EDIT - Hoàn] Chủ Tịch Đang V...by Tớ Tên Kun
Đây là phần 2 của Phò Mã Mười Sáu Tuổi. Tên Truyện: Đổng Sự Trưởng Tại Mã Tự (Chủ tịch đang viết chữ) - 董事长在码字 Tác giả: Bình Quả Nhất Sinh Thôi - 苹果一生推 Edit: Tớ Tên K...
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The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserables FanFiction) by the_daydreamer
The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserabl...by the_daydreamer
Juliette Pontmercy and her older brother, Marius, have always been close - they had no secrets...or at least that's what she thought. When he suddenly becomes distant...
  • eddie
  • misérables
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The Dream After Santa Fe-- a Jack/Davey Newsies Fanfic by Hamiltrash3
The Dream After Santa Fe-- a Jack...by Hamiltrash3
After "Newsies" ends and Jack decides to stay, Davey is left with a major crush on the 17-year old strike leader, but doesn't act on it, due to Jack's involvem...
  • jackkelly
  • gay
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[BHTT - CĐ - XK] PHÒ MÃ GIA! THỈNH ĐI LỐI NÀY by GiangHuynh269
[BHTT - CĐ - XK] PHÒ MÃ GIA! THỈNH...by Giang Tịnh Phong
Tên Truyện: Phò Mã Gia! Thỉnh đi lối này Thể Loại: BHTT; Cổ Đại; Xuyên Không; 1x1; Cung Đình; Triều đại không có thật; Mặn Ngọt đều có....... Tình Trạng: Bình yên qua từ...
  • hoangthuong
  • lhbt
  • 1x1
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LGBTQ by Aviana_Kaider
LGBTQ...need I explain more? If you're a homophobe-bish sit down and read this! NOTE: This is suitable for people of all ages! (^▽^) PS: Feel free to comment your opini...
  • les
  • trans
  • pan
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Manhattan •°Newsies x Reader•° [✓] by Quiznaking_Idiot
Manhattan •°Newsies x Reader•° [✓]by god
((WILL BE REWRITTEN WITH GENDER-NEUTRAL READER.)) •New York City, 1899• The Manhattan Newsies are leading every single day exactly the same. Wake Up, sell papers, sl...
  • broadway
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  • crutchiexreader
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Sonnet Javert was as poetic as her name suggested, and her violet eyes watched the world with the most curious and innocent gaze. But inside her delicate mind bore the s...
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[BH] Chị có yêu em không ? by YuchiOrimura
[BH] Chị có yêu em không ?by Akari_Orimura_0705
Một cô bé với ngoại hình con trai yêu thầm cô giáo lạnh lùng của mình. Khôi : Hân, chị có yêu em không ? Hân : Có, chị yêu em...
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The Two Lives of a Revolutionary (Eventual Enjolras/OC) by FenrirSonofLoki
The Two Lives of a Revolutionary (...by FenrirSonofLoki
After her adopted family is killed by pneumonia, the Bastard named Adelaide sets out to find her father in the city of Paris. But instead, she finds a revolution in need...
  • lesmis
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TWICE Saida | I can't love you, by myownsky
TWICE Saida | I can't love you,by Caitlyn
Dahyun is used to being the center of attention, she loves it too of course. Until someone takes that away from her. Sana.
  • jihyo
  • jeongyeon
  • gay
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Secret Admirer ✔ by lestwinssugar
Secret Admirer ✔by ✨
Laurent is a college student who gets bullied and secretly loves to dance. He's constantly depressed and thinks he's not enough, not even to be loved. But he's proven wr...
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  • larry
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Dszahdh - A Newsies Oneshot Book by E_J_Hawthorne
Dszahdh - A Newsies Oneshot Bookby Ej Hawthorne
A oneshot compilation for the broadway version of Newsies that began with someone else's typo (here's lookin at you, @omg_im_totes_biii) Lots of different X readers with...
  • dszahdh
  • newsiefanfiction
  • las
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Les Twins One Shots by ComedicBeautee__
Les Twins One Shotsby xAutumnReignsx
This is my first time writing fan fic so I thought I would start out with some one shots. ☺️☺️ A majority of these oneshots are based off song titles and their concepts...
  • lestwinsclique
  • bourgeois
  • romance
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Tout et rien (surtout rien je crois) by Romyrou
Tout et rien (surtout rien je croi...by Newtobby
Ben dedans je mets des tags, des blagues, des tests, des nouvelles, ... Un peu de tout quoi 😋 (Faut vraiment que je me trouve une vie, moi...😑)
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Newsies Collection by OriginalOrigin
Newsies Collectionby OriginalOrigin
Hey, y'all! I figured the newsies are fun and I have a couple headcanons I wanna write. This book will have multiple ships, but probably most commonly JackxCrutchie, Rac...
  • musicaltheatre
  • race
  • les
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El mandúvien by maedhrosizaguirre
El mandúvienby maedhrosizaguirre
inspirado en tolkien, desarrollo un nuevo universo desde el principio
  • hobbit
  • fingolfin
  • primerlibro
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naruto i el elemento explosion by user05899374
naruto i el elemento explosionby Tobi-Senpai
este fic es casi parecido al de antes solo se me ocurrio este fic de manera diferente pero con las mismas habilidiades nada mas que naruto es mal malo i cruel :v
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🌈Bayan Life🌧 by LTbayan
🌈Bayan Life🌧by 🤩
Daily 💘 + updates?? Every day💥💘 +
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