My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favourites by C Random
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
In Love With The Girl Of Scars by AlexisJadeS22
In Love With The Girl Of Scars by A. J. Sirhall Romance
*COMPLETED* || Highest Ranking: #210 In Romance 8/20/17 || Adeline Callahan, the girl that time forgot, the one that is considered dead to the public, struggles day...
Alpha Mateo by kubra_atsiz
Alpha Mateo by Kübra Atsiz Werewolf
Angel James was a girl who had been from an early age pushed by her mother to always do her best but, there was only so much Angel could take before everything would cra...
El precio de la fama I Ruggarol I by FetishRugge
El precio de la fama I Ruggarol I by karla Fanfiction
Diecisiete años contra veintitrés, ¿mucha diferencia? Él, un largo camino y yo apenas una nena que se ilusionó con un mañana pero que al chocar con la realidad un cachet...
Lipstick, High-Heels, And Smoking Barrels.(#Watty's 2015) by blueeyedhunny
Lipstick, High-Heels, And Smoking... by Ali Action
A team of killers. Highly trained, very deadly, and unknown to the public. They've had a hand in most of the 'mysterious' deaths you hear about in the media. But all is...
Esperanza by CaramelFrappe2000
Esperanza by CaramelFrappe2000 Historical Fiction
As a child, every single soul has a calling. For some, it is being an artist. Others it is being a musician. And lastly for only twenty percent of people in
Mexican Chat's [5SOS] by Irwxnhugs
Mexican Chat's [5SOS] by ✱Bittersweet Fanfiction
¿Que pasaría si 5sos fueran mexicanos? Serían un pinche desastre. Peor aún ¿En un chat? Llora Peña. [Todo es humor y se debe tomar como tal] ©Irwxnhugs
mexico🇲🇽 by josesalvia
Pregnant By The Enemy by Devour567
Pregnant By The Enemy by Queen Jay Teen Fiction
"Love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest. Hurts the deepest. And feels the strongest." WARNING: ALL IDEAS, EVENTS, CHARACTERS ARE FAKE AND...
Three by DavidAguilar49
Three by David Aguilar Teen Fiction
Wyatt who lives in a foster home after his parents have been murdered takes an adventure that will put our planet in his hands and his best friends Jack and Clara. Wyat...
North American Headcannons  by Maple_Burgers_Chiles
North American Headcannons by North Americans Fanfiction
Learn a lil bit bout my children
Untouchable»Cristiano Ronaldo by Alessandraa-
Untouchable»Cristiano Ronaldo by ☼ ALEX ☀ Fanfiction
°•ιn wнιcн нe ғιndѕ тнe мιѕѕιng pιece•° °•нe ғιndѕ нer υnтoυcнaвle•°
7 Días para Conquistarla | Libro 2 by JackyGuzmanPie
7 Días para Conquistarla | Libro 2 by JackyGuzmanPie Short Story
Los 7 días habían pasado muy rápido para Matt. Sufrió la peor pérdida de toda su vida, pero después de ir a buscarla para pedirle otra oportunidad, lo único que sabía er...
CONTINUES OF 'Spain isn't the only Country to Speak Spanish' (Spain X Reader) by SakuraHondaNyoJapan
CONTINUES OF 'Spain isn't the only... by Honda Sakura Humor
Hola!Im Mexico!Im the Daughter of the Aztec Empire and torn apart from her when I was little.Me and my twin brother,Jose,South Mexico were sent to live with a Nation nam...
North American Confessions  by Maple_Burgers_Chiles
Love, Novela [Ongoing, semi-daily real-time updates] by aloisahart
Love, Novela [Ongoing, semi-daily... by Aloisa Hart General Fiction
Novela is a journalism and Latin American Studies double-major spending a semester in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is prepared to study Mexican history, practice her Spanish...
NARCOTRAFICO by fxcygxrl
NARCOTRAFICO by Feña Varas Teen Fiction
Skyler, 18 años. Su novio Jason McCan el más buscado por las policía. Jason McCann, 21 años. El chico más buscado por las policía de New Orleans. Alexa Smith, 18 año...
Mi ex el narco by cmoreno1479
Mi ex el narco by cmoreno1479 Teen Fiction
Porfin que ya no ando con Mateo puedo escribir todo lo bonito que vivi con el. Ahora pueden leer la historia de mi vida como ex del narco es como mi diario leanlo porfav...
The Soccer Player's Goal by Leah_Clearwater
The Soccer Player's Goal by Evelyn Zavala Teen Fiction
Jonathan Guerrero is Mr. Popular thanks to his soccer skills that take his High Schools team to win playoffs. This year a new opportunity to play against more teams out...
Eyes #Wattys2017 by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
Eyes #Wattys2017 by lUcY •• Science Fiction
(Quite a fast paced story to start off with..just to pre-warn you..) [Julys Featured Author Competition Winner!] _ _ _ _ _ The world is no longer as we know, the once b...