Riddles For Fun by Priyanjita
Riddles For Funby Priyanjita Saha
It is a book with lots of riddles........ Have fun and enjoy it!!!!!!!! #45in random on 22nd March,2018 Source: Internet(not all)
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Fate ( God's Great Plan ) by shinshinn00
Fate ( God's Great Plan )by sunwoo'swifeu
{Writing/Editing} ----------- "I trust fate I believe it leads to a perfect life Because it makes us met, because it holds us together" Only 2% people in this...
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The Intriguing Illogical Ideas of I by SecretJungle88
The Intriguing Illogical Ideas of Iby ~ Zoe ~
The life and times of a curious organism capable of turning coffee into fanfiction. Randomness book number 2. Idek
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hamiltots AU! Reader insert  by sansisbae1318
hamiltots AU! Reader insert by Hamiltrash1318
just read also just swith the names with yours and someone else's or just keep it. so like this y/n and Ash rachel and y/n y/n and s/n (sisters name)
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Shower Thoughts (ON PAUSE) by PapRox
Shower Thoughts (ON PAUSE)by PapRox
This will probably be a bunch of trash but oh well. :P
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~Truth On Scarlet Begining~ ( On HOLD) by thetwinkims
~Truth On Scarlet Begining~ ( On my friend is nelly
" When time has come, change must appear. But when the you avoid change , you will find the cruel nature that exist in the world had never dissapeared . The peopl...
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Highly Illogical  by Highly_Illogical
Highly Illogical by Jaxin Washingtøn
This is a story about a kid wh- WAIT! I don't need to tell you! Just read the darn story!
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split ends by sinkingbuoy
split endsby hasreen
Bored and wanting to find something fun, Jess finally got her dinner plans sorted out with her boyfriend. Unfortunately they had to cancel it since she found almost dea...
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Trecherous by RnlykglhL
Trecherousby Rnlykglh
Comprising of ten short stories that I hope I will come to write before I will move onto a new book.
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Perfection of Nonsense by TheLiteralistt
Perfection of Nonsenseby Amira
There's a reason to the madness of all things because everything has a symbol in life. There's a simplicity to nonsense.
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Ask Trashy by UndertaleTrashXxX
Ask Trashyby Player 2
This is for all of the people who want to ask or dare me to do stupid shit.
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Life In A Book by unmisted236
Life In A Bookby You know me
Well, This is just me being self-obsessed and telling tales about my life, incidents,things, accidents,miracles and all that is there.I would say it is more of account o...
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My Adventures in the World of Illogic - Boredom | 9/15/17 by ComplexYetAwesome
My Adventures in the World of ComplexYetAwesome
How illogical. And boring.
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My World by Foxbrush
My Worldby witch hunger
My race I guess, would be something similar to your Vikings in terms of exploring and traveling. We don't live together as most races do though; we actually kind of hate...
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The Illogical Left by WritingisMadness
The Illogical Leftby WritingisMadness
This book is for debunking common liberal myths- things I hear from the "progressive" left that are absolute bullshit. I'll discuss lies from the LGBTQIA and...
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Mars why go ? by chrismorgan1805
Mars why go ?by Chris Morgan
Poem about mars, and our continued fascination about a planet that is less inviting than Antarctica (there's a reason why penguins run the place, we don't want it )...
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The Children of St. Mystiaré by LightningandBones
The Children of St. Mystiaréby Dr. Thor Jones
Basically this is a random story with messed up logic that you need not question. Ciara Mystiaré has finally (thank god it took her long enough) started questioning why...
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Indefinite Stars by skyyhayleyy98
Indefinite Starsby skyyhayleyy98
We've broken the rules again...we've both crossed the barrier to meet here. But the wonderful thing is...neither one of us care. He offers me his hand, and I take it...
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Coffe Addiction by Zanator
Coffe Addictionby Anton Seppälä Nordness
So I wrote this somewhere around July last year when I was in an almost delirious state after drinking too much coffee a couple of hours earlier, and I have decided to s...
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Which Way The Wind Blows by the_tortured_artist
Which Way The Wind Blowsby Sarah
"Time will eventually knock on my door/ And tell me I'm not needed around anymore/ But He'll hold me so close/ 'Till the end of the day/ When I'm quiet I can nearly...
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