Fate (God's Great Plan) by shinshinn00
Fate (God's Great Plan)by shin
{Writing/Editing} ----------- "I trust fate. I believe it leads to a perfect life. Because it makes us met, because it holds us together."
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A Game Of Logic (A Blue Exorcist Fanfic) by AmaimonMephistoGrell
A Game Of Logic (A Blue Exorcist Mikiya_666
Malika was the 9th child of Satan and the only girl of all of the children of Satan. She was the demon king of logic which makes her incredibly strong. She spent her tim...
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The Illogical Left by WritingisMadness
The Illogical Leftby WritingisMadness
This book is for debunking common liberal myths- things I hear from the "progressive" left that are absolute bullshit. I'll discuss lies from the LGBTQIA and...
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Riddles For Fun by the_unique_lover
Riddles For Funby Priya
It is a book with lots of riddles........ Have fun and enjoy it!!!!!!!! #37 in random on 24th March,2018 Source: Internet(not all) Book Cover: @ishapandey
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