The cute nerd (lashton smut) by angel41515
The cute nerd (lashton smut) by ..... Fanfiction
Ashton is an untouched nerd and luke keeps having thoughts about ashton on his knees.
5SOS Smut by _DJNic_
5SOS Smut by di(e)ana Fanfiction
Some mine but mostly from tumblr and AO3. Enjoy ;)
Muke Smut by goldenbefour
5SOS PREFERENCES by zarryho Fanfiction
I'm going to post preferences for 5sos on here,they are all my own so give credit if you use them but I doubt you will because they are really bad,anyway I hope you like...
"You're my brother Luke ?!"  // Luke Hemmings  by indie_sinflower
"You're my brother Luke ?!" // Lu... by indie_sinflower Fanfiction
" I can't !" "Why not ?" "You're my brother Luke " "But I love you ...."
girly ::cake by genderfluidmikey
girly ::cake by sunflower emoji Fanfiction
calum may be girly, but luke likes him and his pink little skirts.
sexting || 5sos by shoyou
sexting || 5sos by shoyou Fanfiction
"I'm horny" "You're always horny" "Yeah but I'm extra horny"
Hospital Walls || l.h.+a.i. [lashton boyxboy] by safeplaceirwin
Hospital Walls || l.h.+a.i. [lasht... by juh-zee Fanfiction
"It wasn't fate. The hospital walls brought us together."
Life Of The Party - A Michael Clifford Fanfiction by irwinxx5sos
Life Of The Party - A Michael Clif... by Lizzie xx Fanfiction
Michael Clifford and Isabella Williams are rebels. Her parents don't like him. They find out a way to be together, even if it means sneaking out. They love each other, n...
A 5sos Christmas adoption story by catch_fire_bekka
A 5sos Christmas adoption story by Smut queen Fanfiction
Emery Nicole is 7 years old and she's in an orphanage. Her mum abandoned her there when she was 1 years old and she doesn't know anything about her dad. She's use to spe...
5SOS Imagines by mshill98
5SOS Imagines by Megan Hill-Savicki Fanfiction
Stories I make that involve 5SOS I have them on my instagram just_a_c.a.l.m.girl so be sure to follow me on there and they are also on Instagram Follow me on instagram...
5SOS  imagines by GigglingAshie
5SOS imagines by ○グウィネズ○ Fanfiction
Just some 5sos imagines/preferences/blurbs/brother sister moments. I TAKE REQUESTS
My big brothers mate by hemmopal96
My big brothers mate by Samey 🌌 Fanfiction
Hayleigh Elena Irwin is a 16 year old girl who is the most innocent girl you could probably ever meet. She has many home problems and is abused; but her family is very w...
bad boy | ashton irwin by irwindream
bad boy | ashton irwin by s Teen Fiction
ashton Irwin is the schools fuckboy, he chases after girls and only ads for sex and broken hearts. the girls usually give in, but when he goes after Lia Tanner the whole...
A sexual lap dance to Luke by raqueliscake
A sexual lap dance to Luke by calumcake Fanfiction
Muke? Lap dancing? Some how this all fits together.
Knuckles: A Boxer!Ashton Irwin Series by bxdlvckcharm
Knuckles: A Boxer!Ashton Irwin Ser... by bxdlvckcharm Fanfiction
A collection of segments revolving around the relationship between boxer!Ashton and Y/n.
Leather Jacket [lashton] by xxoxri
Leather Jacket [lashton] by Riana♡ Fanfiction
"So are you in like a gang or something?" "No,why?" "Because you're always wearing that same Old beat up Leather Jacket". - Where Luke is...
some other stepbrother ••• LRH by honeyedhemmings
some other stepbrother ••• LRH by ♡ Ur Main Hoe ♡ Fanfiction
just another stepbrother fanfic. ◇◇◇Charlie is suprised to find out that her mom getting re-married means also getting a stepbrother. This leads to a lot of changes and...
That One Night // Luke Smut by remystewart
That One Night // Luke Smut by remystewart Fantasy
Your best friend & you have some fun one night.
Tastes Like Honey, Bittersweet by DestielWinchester-