5sos Smut by boredcookies
5sos Smutby boredcookies
5sos smut from tumblr
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FEEL // 5SOS // SMUT by sleepynonsleeper
FEEL // 5SOS // SMUTby Cortnie
full of smut written by yours truly. ;) happy is "coming."
  • alwaysaddingmore
  • luke
  • imagine
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intoxicating // lrh // luke hemmings  by xlukeslove
intoxicating // lrh // luke hemmin...by •jen•
!!mature themes/smut warning!! includes daddy kinks and pain kinks and maybe others aubrey is on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. luke has a serious daddy kink. he...
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • daddykink
  • lrh
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5sos bxb smut by kitty_is_cool
5sos bxb smutby kitty💕
*hands you holy water* you're gonna need it. don't miss out on (kinda) daily kinky shit, published by a girl with too much time in her hands (these chapters are taken fr...
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5SOS Smut {Tumblr Sourced} by classicirwin
5SOS Smut {Tumblr Sourced}by 🌼
I'm currently working on numerous chapters for books I have saved meanwhile trying to balance other things as well. I wanted to be able to publish something and update s...
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Daddy Kink by queenielive
Daddy Kinkby Daniella
Nova Scarlett meets her abusive mother's boyfriend Calum for the first time since her father died, she can cope with any situation when her best friend Luke Hemmings has...
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  • california
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5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction SMUT Threesomes Foursomes Fivesomes Sixsomes by DevilishTori
5 Seconds of Summer & One Directio...by DevilishTori
5SOS and 1D Threesomes, Foursomes, Fivesomes, and Sixsomes SMUT smut SMUT smut SMUT THESE ARE NOT MINE. Credit all goes to the original owners and writers. I've just com...
  • gangbang
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5SOS SMUT by AtaliaRowan
5SOS SMUTby Atalia Rowan
Warning: mature content... ;)
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  • muke
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5 Seconds of Summer Preferences 2.0 by Bananashemmo
5 Seconds of Summer Preferences 2.0by (• ◡•)
This is my second preferences book! A collection of all the preferences I've written about the lovely fellas from 5 Seconds Of Summer ツ Enjoy and happy reading x Best...
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5sos stories and such by UriahHood
5sos stories and suchby uriah
I get random ideas and I just write so enjoy❤️ Smut is indicated in the title with a '5" and triggers with a '2" Also! There is gonna be a lot of Calum because...
  • michaelcifford
  • lukehemmings
  • 5sossmut
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Boy Next Door - 5SOS Story by Itsacowluke____
Boy Next Door - 5SOS Storyby fake betch
She moved to Australia a few months ago, on her first day she meets a cute boy that lives next door. At school she makes friends with three other guys, Calum, Ashton, an...
  • cake
  • lovestory
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Heaven // c.h au by bilklexi
Heaven // c.h auby bilklexi
After backpacking around Europe, Alexa comes home to find out everything has changed from her best friend to her home life to everything about her past she thought she k...
  • 5soscalum
  • seconds
  • hood
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Cursed With A Blessing || muke Clemmings  by cutieuris
Cursed With A Blessing || muke Cle...by 𝓶,
"Well, this probably sounds crazy and not many people know about this," Dr London started, looking at both of us before finally revealing the results of the ul...
  • mukeclemmings
  • arsaylea
  • mpregmuke
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Here's to Fatherhood by ghost_of_5sos_accent
Here's to Fatherhoodby ghost_of_5sos_accents
Calum is seventeen and on tour with 5sos. He has a girlfriend Hailey, who he gets pregnant. What will he do? What will Hailey do? You'll have to read to find out.
  • hood
  • 5sos
  • horan
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ten years. [lrh] by epihphany
ten years. [lrh]by <3
a woman reunites for one night with the man who left her drowning in the shards of his broken promises, to go swim in his own glassy spotlight. ••••••••• TEN YEARS LATE...
  • 5sos
  • michaelclifford
  • romance
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Hybrid 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines by DevilishTori
Hybrid 5 Seconds of Summer Imaginesby DevilishTori
Imagines, blurbs, and mini fanfics featuring the 5SOS boys as hybrids or hybrid owners. Highest rankings: #1 owner, #9 pet, #1 5sosau, #1 5soslove, #1 5soslovestory THES...
  • 5soshybrid
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5sos smut by calmsmut
5sos smutby Violet
Credit to Tumblr authors:) - warning- the following content contains smut, vulgar language, and some other stuff you'll find out. there will be trigger warnings at the b...
  • michaelcifford
  • fivesecondsofsummer
  • 5sos
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5sos Smut by ghcstofcal
5sos Smutby ghcstofcal
These are smuts from tumblr so yeah 🤪
  • calumhood
  • clifford
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5S0S Smuts  by howaboutnohood
5S0S Smuts by howaboutnohood
Just 5sos smuts from tumblr | if you wanna post any of them in here please tell me kisses All rights reserved to the creators
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