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Two Friends Ten Kinks || Lashton by Sophwrites72
Two Friends Ten Kinks || Lashtonby Sophia
(Lashton x Malum) In which two innocent virgin friends find out how kinky they really are after a night of watching porn. And so what if they want to try some kinks? No...
luke hemmings smut by irresponsibleirwin
luke hemmings smutby em
→ not mine → credit & summary will be included each chapter → adding new smut just about everyday → if your work is here, i will delete any chapter upon request & you ha...
5 Seconds of Pleasure (straight 5sos smut) by KEEPCALMANDHEART5SOS
5 Seconds of Pleasure (straight 5s...by KEEPCALMANDHEART5SOS
This is a book full of smut, and the best kind of smut, 5sos smut! I don't recommend for anyone under the age of puberty and should only read when alone. Warning- cont...
sex with the aussie :: calum hood by alyawafeee
sex with the aussie :: calum hoodby Alya Wafeeqa
what the title says. read at ur own risk
Exchange student • lrh by luromance
Exchange student • lrhby P♡
"Welcome to the Hemmings household." - - - - Bailey Kerens is an exchange student from the U.S when she's exchanged to Australia , meets her temporary home a...
5SOS smut // tumblr  by B-juice112
5SOS smut // tumblr by B-juice112
I got these from tumblr. Writer credit at the end of every part.
Yours - Sex Slave AU by felixed98
Yours - Sex Slave AUby lex
When you are in trouble, four boys seem like the answer. But it's not exactly a PG resolution...
Daddy Double by Iamirish8
Daddy Doubleby Iamirish8
Lashton/ Sophie After being kicked out by her mom because of her failing grades, Sophie is left with no money, food, or place to stay. Her friend Grace finds a great sol...
girly ::cake by genderfluidmikey
girly ::cakeby sunflower emoji
calum may be girly, but luke likes him and his pink little skirts.
ashton's girl » luke hemmings by stagejumps
ashton's girl » luke hemmingsby <3
@Luke5SOS: I'm challenging myself to make you convert to my lane :-) @afivalerie: lol good luck with that © stagejumps
Baby Girl | L.H. by AshHood96
Baby Girl | L.H.by Ash Hood
When a young girl gets kidnapped by a young man who treats her like a baby. • This story contains DDLG, sexual and sensitive content.
Brother // cth by confused-cth
Brother // cthby mAyAAA
"Who says your brother cant also be your daddy" This story contains the following: - Daddy kink - incest - sexual content - alcohol - curse...
one shots ➸ [luke .h] by smuttyaf
one shots ➸ [luke .h]by :)))
↬ just a series of one shots writings on my tumblr blog ↬chapters with a star next to it means it's popular and received notes/likes
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4 by calumsnuts
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4by Ihatelife
Calum wears 'girly' clothes and likes to tease his band members a lot, his body becomes the prize to a bet. Girly!Calum Bottom!Calum boyxboy
Ghost of You by ash2themoonandback
Ghost of Youby ash2themoonandback
So I drown it out like I always do Dancing through our house with the ghost of you Warning: abuse and smut
fatherhood // lashton by umlashton
fatherhood // lashtonby kris
"you named your son after a band" "you named your daughter after a fruit" "touché"
5SOS Smut | boyxboy | Vol. 2 by HolyAFIx94
5SOS Smut | boyxboy | Vol. 2by Boo
Part two and yet again; is there more to explain, other than what the title gives? (: REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED *~*~*~* Credits to me (HolyAFIx94), as I write all of the...
Prince Michael by nothingatallspecial
Prince Michaelby nothingatallspecial
Reader insert. Michael is a Prince. Y/N is a maid that gets a job at the castle. This was a very well received series on my tumblr so I am posting it here too. Cover by...
Alex Idell Smut Shorts by felixed98
Alex Idell Smut Shortsby lex
A collection of short smutty stories featuring Alex Idell.