Behind the Lies

Behind the Lies

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**Shortlist for a Wattys 2017!**  
**Wattpad Featured Story**

For the last four years, Veronica Revash has lived a normal life in the heart of Chicago. One phone call changes everything, ending her attempts at a life she'd carefully scripted to hide. 

Now activated, Covenant Assassin-Six, must hunt down her latest assigned Mark, the gorgeous and mysterious archer, Gideon Hayes. With mesmerizing blue eyes and a witty charm, Six discovers that perhaps this Mark is more than what the files says. For the first time in her twenty-four assassinations, Six decides to get close to her Mark and discover what's behind the lies she's been told. 

As Six, she had one mission, and one rule- eliminate the Mark with a unique skill-set that no other possesses without witnesses. What happens when she fails her mission and finds herself at the mercy of her Mark?
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Excerpt from Behind the Lies-

"I've never seen someone move as quickly as he did. And I've spent my entire life with experimentally altered super soldiers. There was something more to Gideon that I couldn't quite place and it was more than his gorgeous blue eyes and wicked smile."

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