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Nicole By Nicole565 Completed

**** This is the follow up book to House Number 1402, i suggest reading it first, or else some of this wont make sense******

Jackson's been gone for almost a year, dealing with a threat to his sister's pack. He only returns home when he finds out there is more to the story than his sister and her mate are letting on. But sometimes, coming home isn't so easy. 
Sadie has been living her life as a single mother, well with the help of her dead best friend's mate, who may be getting closer than he should. It has been her and Andy for the past year, up until Jackson returns. 

What could go wrong?

  • hunters
  • mate
  • wolf
HiyoRin04 HiyoRin04 Nov 28, 2017
Wow i was actually seeing the actions in my head and it was all headless hunters and blood..XD
HiyoRin04 HiyoRin04 Nov 28, 2017
So i suppose they can't discuss about the mole using mind link
Dsoulmate Dsoulmate Apr 13, 2016
Thereis a thing  called cell phone. If  Jackson would be in contact with his mate or  vice versa things would have been better.....
christinakitson1 christinakitson1 Sep 08, 2016
Nonono don't you dare Jackson is still alive yous are mates don't even think about it grrrrr
christinakitson1 christinakitson1 Sep 08, 2016
Crikey go back home to your mate and your child that you don't have a clue about 😢😢😢
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Oct 05, 2015
Andy knows she has a mate, after losing his he's going to be dishonorable like this? And Sadie needs to definitely check herself, though I'm not happy it's been a year that Jackson's been gone.